Karuna Ki is an art that I developed from my practices with Karuna and the Karuna Symbols. Karuna Ki is the Way of Compassionate Energy and a Healing and Meditative practice using the Karuna Ki energy and symbols to be the Divine Heart of Compassion.

The History of Karuna Ki tries to be balanced in its understanding of how the Karuna arts came to be, and tries to give due credit to those who invested time and effort in its development. Karuna Ki represents my development and practice with the Karuna, the symbols, Karuna Ki Do meditations and other practices.

Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Karuna Reiki , and Tera Mai-Reiki.   Karuna Ki has new attunements and Karuna Ki Do meditations, and is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki and Tera Mai-Reiki. The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation. The attunement and subsequent meditations link us to the compassion of God (which we all already are and have!), and it is through this power that we heal. During the healing we strive to reflect compassion and love not only to those we heal, but to all creation. For those uncomfortable with the use of "God", this principle is reflected wonderfully in the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion,

Kuan Yin (Kannon in Japanese). This is a "heart centered compassion" and a heart centered healing. It is sharing in the compassion of God, or the compassion of Kuan Yin for all the universe. It is only in this perfect love that one is truly healed.


Karuna Ki evolved from other Karuna arts. Similarities include that it shares the Symbols Zonar, Halu, Harth, Rama, Gnosa, Kriya, Shanti, Iava, Om, Fire Serpent, and the Tibetan Master Symbol.

Karuna Reiki uses a process of 4 attunements. In reality there are only 2 attunements. There is a Karuna I and a Karuna II attunement. When learning Karuna Practitioner

Level I, you receive the first of the two attunements. When you learn Karuna Practitioner Level II, you receive the second attunement. When you learn the two master levels, you receive the same attunements again with the intent that they be master attunements this time. In Tera Mai-Reiki, there are three attunements. These are Level I, Level II, and Master Level. There is also a Water ceremony and a Yod initiation.

Karuna Ki is very different. It has a two faceted attunement system. For those who are already Reiki or Seichim Masters, there is a Singular Karuna Ki Master Attunement that attunes you to all the symbols to the Master level in one attunement. For those with less than master energy work, there is a three leveled attunement system.

The theoretical underpinnings of this are discussed in more depth in the attunement section of this manual.

It should be noted that I do not claim anything supernatural or mystic in developing this Karuna Ki system or these attunement processes. They do not come from Ascendant

Masters, Channeled beings, "from God" or anything else. They come from a human being who studied carefully the process, how it worked and what was necessary for it to work. These practices developed naturally out of my practices. These days, there are many claims by some systems being "higher frequency", "faster healing" and "better than Usui Reiki". It must be noted that the Karuna Ki System makes none of these claims. Honesty and Integrity are more important to me than self promotion and sales.

Karuna Ki is offered as a healing art and spiritual practice. No other claims are made than that. As the founder of this style of Karuna Ki, I acknowledge that meditation and practice of any energy system or art has the effect of increasing your capacity to handle energy as well as your own personal vibration. That includes consistent practice with Usui Reiki or personal meditation.

In developing Karuna Ki, I have redesigned and incorporated new developments in a manner that I personally feel resonates better for with the Way of Compassionate Energy.

I have designed new meditations, developed new uses for the symbols, and designed new attunements. Karuna Ki is a unique creation that is separate and different from the Sai Baba Reiki and Karuna Reiki.



The Karuna Ki System respects the traditional sanctity of the Teacher and Student Relationship, which has stood the test of time for centuries. It is my belief that the

healing and teaching relationship should be an individual relationship free of outside controls, conflicting loyalties, and other requirements. This is the case with the vast majority of the Independent Usui Reiki Masters. As such, the Karuna Ki system is offered as an alternative. The Karuna Ki system is free of trademarks, registrations, conflicting loyalties and external controls. It is a system, like Usui Reiki, that is for everyone. Teachers of this system are free to add material as they see fit to address the needs of their individual students.

This manual is Copyright by Vincent Amador 1999. It is offered for Karuna Ki Teachers to use, without obligation, with the exception that if it is used in a class as a student manual that it is given in its entirety. Karuna Ki Teachers are always free to use their own materials, develop their own materials, establish whatever requirements for certification that they wish for their individual students and teach however they choose. Those who are Karuna Masters from other Karuna traditions finding themselves disenfranchised due to registration issues are welcome to practice Karuna Ki, and free to use the name for their practice. It is not trademarked and open to all.

The manual is a resource for all to use. It will be updated regularly. Any wishing to contribute to the development of this manual may submit material. Appropriate credit will be given to those submitting work, as well as appropriate links to e-mail or web pages.

Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki , the International Center for Reiki Studies or William Rand. Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are in no way affiliated with Tera Mai-Reiki, or Kathleen Milner.


Karuna Ki means Compassionate energy or as it is more appropriately "The Way of Compassionate Energy". It is healing and spreading the Compassion of the Creator to all, and all creation. It is "being" the compassion of God, as St. Paul calls us to be, or as Kuan Yin personifies.

Karuna Ki is a heart centered healing. It is a loving, heart centered compassionate healing art. It works best with the focus on the loving compassion of all creation flowing through you. "Compassionate Heart Reiki" is the term I use to best describe it. Whether you conceptualize this in St. Paul's words where we are called to be the "Compassion of God", or the "Compassionate Heart of Jesus", or in the Buddhist practices of Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion the net result is the same. The attunements are performed with the Intent of connecting to and becoming this "Compassion of God". They are truly loving and a blessing to do and to receive. In this, I think Karuna Ki is very specific in its understanding of what this compassion is. And it is not just compassion in healing others, but in spreading it throughout the world and universe in all that we do. The meditations of Karuna Ki are to foster this compassion and to spread it throughout the universe.

It needs to be stated here very clearly that this is not a religion. This is a healing art and meditative practice designed to cultivate compassion. Spreading love and compassion is always a worthwhile and wondrous endeavor in its own right.

The practice of contemplating, developing and spreading compassion is found in many religious faiths throughout the world. Christian mystics, such as St. Ignatus Loyola used meditation (contemplation) and Imagery to connect to the sacred heart of Jesus and the compassion of God, as did St. Francis. This was part of their intimate connection to God. In Tibetan Buddhist practices there are many practices designed to cultivate compassion. Three of the most notable are the Tonglen, the chant "Om Mani Pedme Hum", and the Bodhicitta. In the Tonglen, one meditates to fill and warm their heart with compassion and then spread it to all the world. The Om Mani Pedme Hum is a mantra of love and compassion. The Bodhicitta is a cultivation of compassion based on the idea that since there are a limited number of souls reincarnating, we have all be mother to another many times. Therefore since there is no greater love on earth than a mother's love for her child, we should strive to reflect and share that love to all at all times. In pure love we are healed, and all are one in the love of God.



Karuna Ki is the hands on healing art of loving compassion, and a way to connect to this compassion and share it with all creation. There are several aspects of Karuna Ki which include Healing, Meditation (Karuna Ki Do), and Chanting (or Toning).

Karuna Ki healing uses this connection to the Way of Compassion to bring compassionate life energy into a person to heal and balance. As said by Christ and Kuan Yin, it is only in perfect love and compassion that we are truly healed. This healing love of God is truly a gift and is wondrous to share.

Karuna Ki Do Meditation is the embodiment of Compassionate Energy. It is focusing on the connection to the loving compassionate energy of the source and the sending it out everywhere, to all that need and to all creation so that all are in the process of healing.

Karuna Ki also uses the practice of chanting or "toning". The simplest of these practices is In-toning or chanting the name of the symbol as you use it during meditation or healing. It is thought that the power and energy of the symbol passes with the breath into the client, intensifying the effect of the healing. More complex practices can include focusing on the symbol and allowing the unique personal expression of the symbol to be express through you as a tone. (Some possible chants might be Om-Shanti-Om, or   Om-Shanti-Om, or Om-lava-Om. Many patterns are possible using the symbols names and the intent of the symbol as the guide to what you are trying to accomplish.) For more information on Toning and Chanting visit the Symbols Section of this Manual, and the Karuna Ki Do Meditation page.

Another part of the Karuna Ki experience is to practice the energy use consistently so that the true nature of the loving compassionate heart of Karuna develops. The practice of connecting to your spiritual guides who are connected with the Karuna Ki Do is also a legitimate path to explore. People I know have experienced guides like Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin (Kannon), St. Germaine, and angels and archangels, spirit guide animals and others.

It is my opinion that the guides we connect to most likely will be directly related to our personal beliefs. People who are Christian are likely to see Jesus, Mary, or angels.

People with more new age beliefs might see ascended masters or St. Germaine.

You may experience Spiritual guides such as these, or none at all. Both are acceptable and "right" for you.


All Karuna systems can trace their roots to the early work of Kathleen Milner. What is now referred to as Karuna Reiki and/or Tera Mai Reiki was previously known as
Sai Baba
Reiki. We begin by examining the early foundations of Sai Baba Reiki and continue on with Karuna Ki in our history.

The Early Work of Kathleen Milner

All the Karuna Systems started off their life in the early work of Kathleen Milner. It's initial beginnings were from Usui Reiki. From reading Kathleen's books she reported that she learned Reiki, and began to feel that what she was taught in Reiki and Raku Kai was incomplete. I believe that she later learned Seichim at the whole life Expo in California, most likely from August Star (a student of Phoenix Summerfield). This would appear to have been several months before she began her work on the remodification of Reiki (later to be known as Sai Baba Reiki and/or Tera Mai-Reiki). From Seichim she would have learned the "seed" symbols of Seichim including the Infinity, the story in the pyramid that Patrick Zeigler experienced, and other elements of the Seichim Reiki (7 facet system). Additionally, it should be noted that one very common experience of learning Seichim/SKHM, is (according to Patrick Zeigler - the founder) seeing sacred geometry or seeing symbols. Indeed T'om Seaman, Dave Lowry , and Phoenix Summerfield all saw many symbols as they expanded Seichim. The most basic seed symbols of Seichim involve the Infinity symbol, which is a part of both the Zonar and Halu, as is the Pyramid that is part of Halu. Because of this some have recently questioned whether Sai Baba Reiki was really a form of Seichim. My opinion is that the Seichim was a formational part, but that the intent was different and thus it was a unique connection to the source energy. To my knowledge, I am not sure that there is much acknowledgement of the contribution that Seichim had upon the development of the early foundations of Sai Baba Reiki. (Author's Note: Sai Baba Reiki no longer exists and was transformed by William Rand into Karuna Reiki .)

According to Kathleen's books, she felt Reiki was "incomplete" and missing parts of the attunement process as passed by Hawayo Takata. According to Kathleen's writing she began to ask Father/Mother/God for the missing parts. As our story continues to unfold, after asking for this information from god, the Indian Guru Satya Sai Baba appeared to her (in a bi-located form - Sai Baba was purported to do this miracle) and to Marcy Miller (one of Kathleen's Reiki Students). It was reporte that Marcy (who has since broken ties with Kathleen) reported that Sai Baba, gave her another symbol and additions to the attunement. Then Sai Baba appeared to Kathleen on the "inner planes", reviewed the attunement process and gave her a name for the symbol. Several months later Kathleen and Marcy were given the other symbols with additional instructions.

Kathleen was told to tell people she was working with Sai Baba. When teaching Tera Mai Reiki, She uses the new symbols, the modified attunement process any additional symbols necessary. (Again remember Patrick Zeigler's observation that people can tap into the sacred geometry of the universe and it is common to see symbols. Also it is my observation that people tend to conceptualize this spiritual force in whatever schema that is most comfortable to them. Christians see Jesus and Mary and Angels, New Age believers see ascended masters, Kathleen and Marcy would appear to have been interested in Sai Baba, and coincidentally enough they saw him.)

This "New Reiki" system was originally channeled by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller in 1991. What needs to be pointed out here is that Kathleen and Marcy did not talk to Sai Baba in person or on the phone but thought they connected with him psychically. So at this point, we have Kathleen and Marcy channeling an afro hairdo being in Orange Robes believing it to be Sai Baba. No one contacted him in person or attempted to at this time to my knowledge. Later, when contact was sought out to confirm Sai Baba's involvement, the Sai Baba organization stated publicly that they knew nothing about Sai Baba Reiki. So it would seem that this is something that has come purely though channeling. The first three symbols (Zonar, Harth, and Halu) was given by "Sai Baba" to Kathleen and / or Marcy. The Attunements were given to Kathleen by "Sai Baba". The Rama symbols was given to Kellie-Ray Marine. Other symbols were added by others (see the section on Symbols in this manual).

The Sai Baba Attunements and subsequent Tera Mai-Reiki and ancillary techniques of the Water Ceremony, and the Breath of the Fire Dragon seem to be primarily taken from Reiki Kai Reiki. It would seem, upon final inspection and in my opinion, that Sai Baba Reiki was a hybridized modification of Raku Kai Reiki, along with Seichim and the infinity symbol, traditional Usui Reiki, and the symbols and attunements received by Kathleen and Marcy. Karuna Ki retains the use of the Hui Yin, and the Breath of the Fire Dragon (Violet Breath).

It should be noted that both Marcy Miller and Kathleen Milner now admit the being who gave them the Tera Mai attunements was not Sai Baba but "a higher being." (This is my caveat with all channeled information, it is influenced by your intent and desire and conceptual framework. Ask and you may truly receive, as it were. Be careful giving your power away to anyone, physical or not.)




The Sai Baba Reiki lineage started with Kathleen Milner receiving the new symbols and attunements. From Kathleen it was taught to Elizabeth Amazon, Isabelle Dussault and to Glenn Derrick. Glenn taught William Lee Rand who re-worked the system and developed Karuna Reiki . What I find particularly interesting is that in the Karuna Materials I have seen, (and I have by no means seen all the materials out there) is that there is little or no mention of this previous history, Kathleen Milner or her contribution to the development of Karuna Reiki . (My understanding is that there was legal action involved between the two, although at present I have not heard what the outcome is. (I am currently in the process of finding the court records, unless they are sealed, to see what the actual litigation was about and who won.)

From Rand's information, he reports that he, and other Reiki Masters who were initiated into these new symbols (Kathleen's system before she called it Tera Mai-Reiki), began experimenting with the symbols. He stated that the masters who had these symbols "saw the value of the system", and began teaching it as Sai Baba Reiki. It was reported that legal difficulties came about from using the Sai Baba name, and so the name Karuna Reiki was taken and used. The name Karuna Reiki is trademarked by William Rand. There is information available about the Karuna Reiki System on Rand's Site at the International Center for Reiki Studies Webpage.

William Rand says the following about the origin of Karuna Reiki (from the Rand Website): "The Karuna system of Reiki has come from a number of sources. The first three symbols were channeled by Marcy Miller in 1991. It was originally thought that these first three symbols were channeled from the Eastern Indian Guru, Sai Baba. However, after checking with the Sai Baba organization, I was told that this was not the case. After working with several top clairvoyants, it has been determined that these first three symbols came directly from God. These symbols and attunement processes were passed on to me by Glenn Derrick in the fall of 1993. The system was very powerful and effective. However, at that time, there was some confusion about the origin of the system. Some thought it had come from Sai Baba, while others were stating that it contained the original Usui symbols. Research has proven both of these ideas to be inaccurate. Further research indicated that the attunements were a combination of other attunement processes. Meditating on what to do, I was guided to make several small changes in the attunement processes. I was also guided to give the system a new name that would more accurately reflect the purpose of the system. Most people feel a significant difference between energies of Usui Reiki and those of Karuna Reiki. Once you have both, it is simply a matter of using whichever system you are guided to use or feel is appropriate for the situation."

It would appear from the preceding paragraph, that the involvement Kathleen Milner had in the development of the system is negligible or non-existent. Personally I find thin add, since the root material obviously comes from her.

At this point, a discussion of the term "Reiki" in Karuna Reiki is in order. Reiki is a term used generically for both the "system" Reiki in Usui Reiki, and for the energy.

These days there are more Reiki's than I can even name. The connection to Usui Reiki and these systems is both intimate and diverse. The connection with Usui Reiki and these systems, as previously outlined, has come via Usui Reiki, Raku Kai Reiki, and Kathleen and Marcy's Channeled Symbols. The attunement processes are modified Reiki attunements. The Breath of the Fire Dragon technique is modified from the Breath of the Fire Dragon in Raku Kai (Rand's modification is the Violet Breath).

There is little similarity to Usui Reiki past these techniques. Usui Reiki is the ultimate in simplicity, which is its greatest strength. There are few symbols because, quite frankly, no more are needed. It is my opinion that when you are attuned to the master level of Usui Reiki, you have a total connection to the source. All these symbols wil work, and so will any others you can think of. It is a question of intent, and simply using the symbols. You do not even need to be attuned to them to use them. (If you doubt the veracity of this statement I suggest you try using them. Also keep in mind that no one attuned the developers of these systems to these symbols Having said that, one might wonder of what necessity it is to learn additional "Reiki" systems. That is a legitimate question that needs answering. (And boy do I not have a good answer!) My response is that each "system" represents a slightly different way of conceptualizing, connecting to, and using this universal life energy that comes from the divine source. Different systems give us different ways of using and experiencing this energy. Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are methods to access the total loving compassion of the source. It is no better or worse than any other method of doing this. It is, however, different. You might ask, "couldn't I do this with plain old vanilla type Usui Reiki?". My answer is absolutely. When using or meditating with Usui Reiki, concentrate on compassion and love and do this focusing on the Dai KO Mio Symbol. Try it and you will understand what I mean.

In summary of our History (and remember history doesn't repeat itself, Historians merely repeat each other!), we have examined the evolution of this unique system of "Reiki". We see that it evolved from Kathleen Milner in what appeared to be a hybrid of Usui Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, and Seichim, along with her and Marcy Miller's channeled symbols. William Rand learned this system from Glenn Derrick as 

Sai Baba Reiki and developed Karuna Reiki .

In the Karuna Ki System and Karuna Ki Do Meditations, I have redesigned and incorporated new developments in a manner that I personally feel resonates better with me and the Loving Compassionate Energy. I have designed new meditations, new uses for the symbols, and new attunements. Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are a unique creation that is separate and different from the Sai Baba Reiki and Karuna Reiki that came before it. These days, there are many claims by some systems being "higher frequency", "faster healing" and "better than Usui Reiki". It must be noted that the Karuna Ki System makes none of these claims.    Karuna Ki is offered as a healing art and spiritual practice. No other claims are made than that. As the founder of this style of Karuna Ki, I acknowledge that meditation and practice of any energy system or art has the effect of increasing your capacity to handle energy as well as your own personal vibration. That includes consistent practice with Usui Reiki or personal meditation.

Karuna Reiki is trademarked by William Rand. I have been told that the trademark was to insure that the attunements and symbols stay the same, are taught the same to all students and do not suffer the splintering that Usui Reiki did. In my opinion, of late William has become quite proprietary in his licensing of the Karuna Reiki system. The new registration requirements are available for viewing at New Karuna Reiki Registration.

At this point in time, it would appear that a "splintering" of Karuna Reiki is occurring as happened in Usui Reiki following the death of Mrs. Takata. From what I have observed some practitioners now openly call what they practice "Karuna (pre-Trademark Style)", "Karuna Ki", or simply "Karuna". I have also heard a number of masters talk of being quite annoyed to shocked that they must register and follow these new practices. I would imagine that they would feel betrayed that they are now told they cannot teach something they were certified in and paid for in the manner that they choose. I am not registered with the center, and in no way am affiliated with the center. For those who wish to be Center Certified in Karuna Reiki , then Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do might not be for you, and I encourage you to visit the International Center for Reiki Studies Website for further information.

Mudra benefits

Mudras endow the practitioner with benefits like improved meditation and calmness of mind. It also addresses a host of health concerns and infuses greater self-reliance and self-discipline. Mudras are easy to practice, because they are free hand body gestures, that gradually lead you to spiritual rejuvenation.
There is, perhaps, nothing better in the world than the practice of mudras for success and wellbeing.

Mudras and Reiki
Combining mudras with Reiki seems to strengthen their healing powers further. Try using Reiki [with, or without symbols] with the mudras and watch your energy levels soar. To do this, sit in a chair with a straight back, connect to Reiki by intent, draw the symbols mentally on your hands, and join the fingers in "key mudras" relevant to the goal. In Reiki, the most commonly practiced mudras are the Hakini, the Gassho, the Rin, and the Sha mudras.

Hakini mudra
When you join the tips of the five fingers of the right hand, with those of the left, it forms the Hakini. This mudra is helpful in balancing the right and left sides of the brain; it also benefits the "third" eye, and the lungs.

Gassho mudra
This is a prayer position. It is performed by holding hands in namaste position before the chest.

Rin mudra
Interlace the fingers and clasp your hands together, keeping the middle fingers joined and extended. This strengthens our mind and physical body. It is useful for good emotional health.

Sha mudra
This is obtained by interlacing the fingers and clasping the hands together with the index fingers joined and extended. The mudra is used to direct and focus energy to a particular area in the body to provide the healing effect.


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