Wedding Flowers For September

wedding flowers for september
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wedding flowers for september - Wallmonkeys Peel
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Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Flower Arrangement in September Marketplace - 60"H x 40"W Removable Graphic
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Candles And Flowers
Candles And Flowers
While standing near the wedding party's table Ron and I arranged these candles and flowers and played around with exposures and stuff. I'm not much of a dance club music type dancer and if it ain't a line dance or couples dance I'm not really into it, so I resorted to snapping off shots and playing with my camera. My good friend Aaron go married on September 9th in Cincinnati. Luckily, we were able to work it out so that we could attend. The ceremony was at Dree's Pavilion which sits in a park that overlooks Cincinnati. I was a beautiful view and a lovely ceremony. Of course I brought my camera and Ron and I snapped a lot of pictures. I didn't take any of the actual ceremony (I thought that might be pushing it a bit considering he had already hired some very talented and very nice photographers for that), but I did manage to get a lot of shots of everything else.
Flower Processional 2
Flower Processional 2
Rather than the traditional bride carry the bouquet, Dave and I had the audience create a bouquet for us both, making it a symbol of the community created when two people join together. Being able to interact with our friend and family like that during our ceremony was really wonderful.

wedding flowers for september
wedding flowers for september
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