Floral Delivery From

floral delivery from
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  • An item or items delivered on a particular occasion
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floral delivery from - Tie Dye
Tie Dye Ecuadorian Roses - 60 Single Stems Individually Sleeved
Tie Dye Ecuadorian Roses - 60 Single Stems Individually Sleeved
These premium roses come directly from the largest South American supplier of Tie Dye Roses, sometimes called "Happy Roses" or "Rainbow Roses". From a facility dedicated solely to perfecting the art of dying natural roses, our farms are able to create the most unique color combinations that can be coordinated with any event, holiday or season year round. Our farms' distinct advantage lies in their ability to supply only the roses that meet our high quality standards through a triple grading process: stem length, head size, and color vibrancy. Our farms' quality, variety selection, and technique advantages allow us to provide our customer with a premium product that cannot be duplicated by our competitors. We can supply roses in an indefinite number of color combinations to match team colors, school colors, weddings, birthdays - you name it. Already individually packaged in clear sleeves, each stem will arrive to you ready to resell for fundraisers or in your own store front. Individual UPCs are available upon request with prior written approval from our company. Use these unique, eye-catching roses for your next team or group fundraiser to raise money while promoting spirit and awareness using your own color theme. These are also great for shops in need of "grab and go" sales at a terrific price point. Online, these stunning roses average a retail of $50-$80 per dozen, not including shipping costs!! Each case will ship from the farm to a cooling facility in Miami for immediate processing to ship via FedEx Priority Overnight right to your doorstep. Orders leave Miami within 8 business days from the date the order is placed online. Delivery days available: Tuesday-Friday. For special order instructions, please contact us directly after placing your order online. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

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Fresh Flower Delivery
Fresh Flower Delivery
Newport Beach Flora Provides: Full service Floral delivery to many Orange County and Los Angeles County areas, Major Corporate Accounts, Wedding/Events ranging from small scales to large, Funeral Services, as well as basic walk-ins. Call Us Today! Newport Beach Flora 949-631-9136
D90/D5000 Floral Challenge
D90/D5000 Floral Challenge
I had a very nice delivery of flowers from the company my husband works for this morning....... just in time for the D90/D5000 fortnightly challenge.

floral delivery from
floral delivery from
Mothers Day Flowers - Free Fast Shipping - Fresh Cut Flowers from California - 50 Stems
Your flowers will be fresh cut from our Southern California flower farm and sent via Fedex. This makes them exceptionally fresh and long lasting. Included in this Mother Days Bouquet are: 3 Peruvian Lilies (White); 3 Peruvian Lilies (Pink); 1 Oriental Lilly (Pink, 3-5 blooms per stem); 4 Carnations (White); 4 Carnations (Pink); 5 Mini Carnations (Hot Pink); 3 Israeli Ruscus; 2 Mini Myrtle. 23" tall, 25 stems total, making one generously-sized bouquet. Food packets and instructions for maximum freshness are included.