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Floor Vases Cheap

floor vases cheap
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floor vases cheap - 28" Cylinder
28" Cylinder Bamboo Floor Vase - Natural
28" Cylinder Bamboo Floor Vase - Natural
Our versatile cylinder-shaped floor vase has been handcrafted from natural bamboo in Southeast Asia. Long strips of bamboo are curved around a frame to create the shape for these tall floor vases, which are then carefully sanded into a smooth curved shape. The floor vases are then carefully sanded into a smooth surface, and finished with clear matte protective coat. These decorative vases are made from all natural bamboo which has not been bleached or dyed. You will therefore see the color variations of the natural bamboo in its original state which adds to the uniqueness of each vase. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of this handcrafted piece of art in its natural form. Our bamboo vase measures 28 tall x 9 diameter at the center.

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Antique vase which was a wedding gift from a friend. Have post pictures of this before, but looked so pretty tonight figured it wouldn't hurt to post another. Digital photo. Tweaked in Photoshop. (2009)
Vase On Dining Table Restaurant Chester Nikon D60 35mm Prime Lens

floor vases cheap
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