Let's play some chess - Chess Mess style

Chess Mess is still active and kicking (11/14/2012) - we just haven't done a great job keeping this page updated. Please check out our facebook page for up to date details. 

Atlanta Chess Mess meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Manuel’s Tavern from 7- 10 PM. We started in November 2010 and have managed a decent following, about 50 members.


We have a range of players from beginner-intermediate-and pretty dern good. 700 – 1900 – for you rating lovers. Each players rating depends on if they are drinking beer or coffee that night. :P  Everyone is welcome from young to old, from beginner to Grand Master; likely you will find someone of your skill to play against that night.  


The vibe is in the title – Chess Mess - We like chess – we are laid back about it.  Sometimes we play with clocks, sometimes we take our time, sometimes we play a few games, sometimes we play for hours.  We are very flexible.  The group is free of charge, just show up and play. 


We have former and current tournament players, but our favorite players are the ones that sit down and tell us they have never played and want to learn.


Come have dinner, play chess, meet good people, drink beer, juice or coffee (we have a strict policy against drinking milk while playing, however - sorry) – Try to bring your “A” game, but if it doesn't show up, your “F” game will work just fine.

We expect the group to evolve as it grows.  We may put together some tournaments or have some meetings in the park; we will keep the group fluid and open to suggestions and changes.


Please join our facebook group at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_192312067445865&ap=1  for updated information about meetings, times, tournaments, chess puzzles, and general conversing. 

See you soon.

Matt & Ed