ABS Spring Show



The 2013 ABS bonsai show was a hit!

The winners:


Best in Show

Dudley Dugger

1st Place (Pro)

Dudley Dugger

1st Place (Enthusiast)

Dave Murphy

Honorable Mention

Dudley Dugger

Honorable Mention

Hubert Jones

Honorable Mention

Dennis McHugh

Honorable Mention

 Gary Monk

People's Choice Award

Gary Monk



Friday 5/17

    2:00-                      Show set-up (tables, screens, etc.); only trees show-ready will be accepted.

    5:00-7:00 PM      Trees are delivered to ABG Garden Theater (1st. floor); no trees accepted after 7:00 PM.  No trees will be accepted on Saturday.  The guest artist shall     not be present for tree         acceptance but will arrange all trees for display.

(Club members may arrange with Russell Baggett to deliver their trees to him earlier in the week if they are unable to make the 7:00 Friday deadline.)

Saturday 5/18

    8:00 -9:00             Judging by guest artist alone; no members will be in the show area during judging.

    10:00-                    Critique of entrants

    2:00-                      Demonstration by guest artist (ABG Garden Theater)


Sunday 5/19      

                8:00-noon           Workshop by guest artist (ABG Garden House under café)

                12:00                     People’s Choice Award

                2:00-                      Demonstration by guest artist

                5:00                        Breakdown of show



1.       There will be three categories for entrants:

(1)     Expert:  The expert category shall include trees primarily designed, trained or grown by professional bonsai artists regardless of ownership or length of ownership.  These trees must be accompanied by a stand and accent.  Those trees receiving work at an ABS workshop are not included in this category and may be entered in any of the three categories.

(2)    Enthusiast:  The enthusiast category shall include trees that have been grown, designed and trained by non-professionals.

(3)    Novice:  The novice category shall include trees designed and trained by those club members with three years’ experience or less.

2.        Ribbons:

·         Best in Show (1)

·         First Place:  Expert, Enthusiast, Novice (3)

·         Peoples’ Choice (1)

·         Honorable Mention:  (up to 10 at judge’s discretion)

3.        Guidelines:

·         All entrants must be ABS club members.  Memberships will be accepted at the show.

·         No ABS club member may enter more than two trees, regardless of the category in which the trees are entered.       

·         Entries should not have received a ribbon (this does not include Honorable Mention, 2nd or 3rd place recognitions) for at least three years.

·         All entries should be properly prepared for showing.

        ·         A shohin display will be judged as a single entry.

        ·         The honor system will guide entrant’s determination of which category to enter their trees.


1.       Each show visitor will be given the opportunity to vote for a single “Peoples’ Choice” entry.

2.       ABS members should wear name tags identifying them as ABS members.

3.       Show rules shall be posted on the website and in the ABS newsletter.

4.       Two ABS members shall be on security duty during the show.

5.       A recruitment table will be manned during show hours with all interested visitors signed into a laptop.

6.       Two ABS members shall be on duty during the show to insure watering of all trees.