The Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AABIG) 12th annual conference convened on May 17, 2013 at the Mercer University in Atlanta.  The 2013 Conference Theme was Beyond Face Value: Asserting the Value of Instruction and Making Instruction Valuable. As the U.S. president and the governor of Georgia push for increasing student success rates, it is more important than ever that libraries maintain and advocate their value. 
The conference focused on the practical and new ways librarians are affirming their worth to their institutions through effective instruction, assessment, and marketing. AABIG will include 20 and 45 minute sessions that address this theme.  Librarians from public and academic librarians, school media specialists, library students and individuals from diverse backgrounds were invited to participate in these lively and interactive sessions.



Plenary Address Features Sarah Steiner of Georgia State University

Inspired Assessment: How Instructional Assessment Can Make Your (Library) World a Happier Place

Information literacy instruction is core to many of our professional values, and it’s a near- ubiquitous service in libraries of all types. Assessment can help us to address those same values more effectively and more efficiently, but it’s often dismissed as unnecessary, peripheral, and overly stressful. In this session, we’ll discuss creative and low-stress ways that assessment, active learning exercises, and reflection on pedagogy can ensure that more students leave class with a thorough understanding of the class’ contents, and ultimately, with a better perception of the relevance of libraries. We'll also consider the ways assessment can help us, as instructors, to reduce our level of teaching anxiety and improve our self-confidence.

Registration for the 2013 AABIG Conference was free, as usual.
Thank you to Mercer University Atlanta for hosting the 2013 Conference!
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The Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AABIG or BIG) began in the early 1980s as an informal way for instruction librarians from academic, school, and public libraries in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area to share ideas and discuss common issues about bibliographic instruction.