Quadway hoops are adjustable and have square tapered carrots
  1. Easy Set
  2. Easy adjust
  3. Easy care
  • A hard rubber mallet is good for Snugging the hoop into the preformed holes.
  • The hoop legs are adjustable by unscrewing the cap screw a few turns so that the leg can be wiggled loose and rotated 180deg and then re-tightened. 
  • The sizes engraved on the carrots are to be read when facing each other.
  •  With both legs set to the smallest size ( 3 11/16” and minus sign facing each other). The hoop should be 1/32”above nominal ball diameter. 
  • The hoop legs and crowns are stainless steel and the crowns are powder coated. 
  • The medium tensile carrots are zinc electroplated. 
  • The screws in the carrots are for manufacturing purposes only and should not be tampered with
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