Breaking News....  I've Always appreciated the  fabulous design of the Quadways,  and the way they are made AND the way they perform.

When I heard that Ray was looking to retire, it was just such a good fit for Terminator mallets

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Michael McClure
Terminator Mallets
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I’m Ray Atkins and have been playing croquet since 1986, firstly Association Croquet and then Golf Croquet once
 it was introduced to Canterbury. The first mallet I played with had a large round head and a stiff shaft which was
 roughly bound with terry towelling. 

My ability to work with wood, plastic and metals presented an opportunity to make my own mallet. I made the head 
detachable using a taper fitting and every year or so I made a new one, selling the old one to defray the cost; and 
it wasn’t long before other players became interested and were asking if I could make one for them. 
Hence, mallet making is a standard part of my retirement life! 

The Quadway hoops came about after a discussion with Rodger Lane (then the CCA senior referee) about what an 
unbearable job it is setting hoops to a width that they are not made for. After a few sleepless nights I came up with the
 design for a Quadway Hoop and these are now selling in NZ and Australia. 

My latest development is a hoop clamp, ball measure and gap setting fixture.

For information about Mallets for Golf or Association Croquet  please contact me 
Ray Atkins,