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Research output ranking for unnamed full years (2014-15) in the top three MIS journals; decade long ranking (2005-2015); older ones for my associate professor years is available here (older version); since the inception of my field (1977-2014); and in two fields outside my own – software engineering (here) and strategy (here).

Major Contributions

Journal (Impact factor data)
pressTiwanaPlatform Synergy: Architectural Origins and Competitive Consequences (ppt) Information Systems Research
2015TiwanaEvolutionary Competition in Platform Ecosystems Information Systems Research
2015Tiwana & KimDiscriminating IT Governance Information Systems Research
2015Agarwal-TiwanaEditorial: Evolvable Systems: Through the Looking Glass of IS Information Systems Research
2016Kim & TiwanaChicken or Egg? Sequential Complementarity among Salesforce Control Mechanisms J. of Acad. of Marketing Science
2015Rai, Arikan, Pye, and TiwanaFit and Misfit of Plural Sourcing Strategies and IT-enabled Process Integration the U.S. Electric Industry (+ appendix) MIS Quarterly
2016TiwanaPlatform Desertion by App DevelopersJournal of Management Information Systems
2016Tiwana-KimConcurrent IT Sourcing: Mechanisms and Contingent AdvantagesJournal of Management Information Systems
2015Boyle, Stover, Tiwana,ZhylyevskyyThe Impact of Deposit Insurance on Depositor Behavior During a Crisis: A Conjoint Analysis Approach (+ supplement)J. of Financial Intermediation 
2014Tiwana & BushSpotting Lemons in Platform Markets: A Conjoint Experiment on SignalingIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
2014Tiwana, Konsynski, VenkatramanThe IT Governance Cube (special issue introductory article) (framework)Journal of Management Information Systems
Novelty-Knowledge Alignment: A Theory of Design Convergence in Systems Development
Journal of Management Information Systems
Tiwana & Konsynski
Complementarities between Organizational IT Architecture and Governance Structure (PPTs)
Information Systems Research
2010Tiwana, Konsynski, & BushPlatform Evolution: Coevolution of Platform Architecture, Governance, and Environmental Dynamics <Web of Science "highly cited paper" (top 1%)>Information Systems Research
2010 Tiwana & KeilControl in Internal and Outsourced Systems Development ProjectsJournal of Management Information Systems
2010Keil, Tiwana, Sainsbury, & Sneha
A Theory of Whistleblowing: A Benefit-to-cost Differential Perspective
Decision Sciences Journal
Systems Development Ambidexterity: Explaining the Complementary and Substitutive Roles of Formal and Informal Controls
Journal of Management Information Systems
Knowledge-Governance Fit in Systems Development Projects
Runner-up for ISR’s best paper award.
Information Systems Research
2010Bush, Tiwana, & Rai
Complementarities between Product Design Modularity and IT Infrastructure Flexibility in IT-enabled Supply Chains
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Does Interfirm Modularity Complement Ignorance? A Field Study of Software Outsourcing Alliances
Strategic Management Journal
Does Technological Modularity Substitute for Control?...Alliance Performance in Software Outsourcing
Strategic Management Journal
Do Bridging Ties Complement Strong Ties? An Empirical Examination of Alliance Ambidexterity
Strategic Management Journal
Impact of Classes of Development Coordination Tools on Software Development Performance
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering & Methodology
2007  Tiwana & BushA Comparison of Transaction Cost, Agency, and Knowledge-based Predictors of IT Outsourcing Decisions: A Cross-Cultural Field StudyJournal of Management Information Systems
2007  Tiwana, Wang, Keil, & AhluwaliaThe Bounded Rationality Bias in Managerial Valuation of Real Options: 
Theory and Evidence from IT Projects
Decision Sciences Journal
2007Tiwana &  Keil
Does Peripheral Knowledge Complement Control? A Study of Software Services Outsourcing Alliances
Strategic Management Journal
Patnayakuni, Rai, & Tiwana Systems Development Process Improvement: A Knowledge Integration PerspectiveIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
2006Tiwana, Keil, & Fichman
IS Project Continuation in Escalation Situations: A Real Options Model
Won the 2006 Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper Award.
Decision Sciences Journal
2006Tiwana &  KeilFunctionality Risk in Software DevelopmentIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
2005Tiwana, & McLeanExpertise Integration and Creativity in Information Systems DevelopmentJournal of Management Information Systems
2005  Tiwana & BushContinuance in Expertise-sharing Networks: A Social Perspective; Also available: Summary in JapaneseIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
2005  Bharadwaj & Tiwana Managerial Assessments of E-business Investment OpportunitiesIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Fichman, Keil, & Tiwana
Beyond Valuation: Real Options Thinking in IT Project Management;
Harvard Business School’s case repository ID CMR304
Synopsis in Harvard’s Teaching Materials newsletter.
California Management Review

Additional Journal Papers

press Kim-Tiwana Dual Control of Salesforce in Partially Integrated ChannelsJournal of Retailing
2014TiwanaSeparating Signal from Noise: Evaluating Emerging TechnologiesMIS Quarterly Executive 
2013Tiwana  The Peripheral Knowledge Paradox: Interfirm Knowledge Partitioning and Integration in Services ContractingService Science (INFORMS)  
2008 Tiwana, Bush, Tsuji, Sakurai, & Yoshida  Myths and Paradoxes in Japanese IT Outsourcing
Also availableJapanese translation
 Communications of the ACM
Bush, Tiwana, & Tsuji
An Empirical Investigation of the Drivers of Software Outsourcing Decisions in Japanese OrganizationsInformation & Software Technology
2007Du, Keil, Mathiassen, Shen, & TiwanaAttention-Shaping: Tools, Expertise, and Perceived Control in IT Project Risk Assessment (equal contribution)Decision Support Systems
2006  Keil & TiwanaRelative Importance of Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Systems: A Conjoint StudyInformation Systems Journal
2006  Desouza, Awazu, & TiwanaFour Dynamics for Bringing Use Back into Software ReuseCommunications of the ACM
2007   Tsuji, Sakurai, Yoshida, Tiwana, & Bush (In Japanese)  (Risk Analysis for Offshore Software Development).
This imaged PDF does not require Adobe’s language pack.
Journal of the Information Processing Society of Japan
2005  Keil & Tiwana Drivers of COTS Application ValueIEEE Software
2005Bush & TiwanaDesigning Sticky Knowledge NetworksCommunications of the ACM


Tiwana & Keil


The One Minute Risk Assessment Tool
Following front-page coverage on SlashDot with 500 responses, someone implemented a Web-based tool. An Excel based tool is here.
Communications of the ACM


2004  TiwanaBeyond the Black-Box: Knowledge Overlaps in Software Outsourcing
Also available: Japanese summary of the paper.
See also Erratum in the printed version.
IEEE Software
2004  Konsynski & TiwanaThe Improvisation-Efficiency Paradox in Interfirm Electronic Networks: Governance and ArchitectureJournal of Information Technology
2004  TiwanaAn Empirical Study of the Effect of Knowledge Integration on Software Development PerformanceInformation & Software Technology
2003  TiwanaAffinity to Infinity: Knowledge Integration in Peer-to-Peer Knowledge PlatformsCommunications of the ACM
2003  Tiwana & McLeanManaging the Unexpected: The Tightrope to E-business Project SuccessCommunications of the ACM
2002  Alavi & TiwanaKnowledge Integration in Virtual Teams: The Potential Role of Knowledge Management Systems (Impact Factor: 2.086; ranking).Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
2002  Keil, Tiwana, & BushReconciling User and Project Manager Perceptions of IT Project Risk: A Delphi StudyInformation Systems Journal
Linking Modes of E-business Innovation and Structural Disruptions in Firm Knowledge
Journal of Knowledge and Process Management
Tiwana & Ramesh
A Design Knowledge Management System to Support Collaborative Information Product Evolution
Decision Support Systems
2001Tiwana & Ramesh Web-enabled Architectural Integration in Enterprise Knowledge Management Networks 
(Impact Factor: 2.58; ranking).
IEEE Internet Computing
2001  Tiwana & BushA Social Exchange Architecture for Distributed Web CommunitiesJournal of Knowledge Management
2000  TiwanaKnowledge-Enabled Customer Relationship Management: Beyond ‘Word of Mouse’ (+ introduction by Ed Yourdon)Cutter IT Journal (formerly American Programmer)
1999  Ramesh & TiwanaSupporting Collaborative Process Knowledge Management in New Product Development TeamsDecision Support Systems
1999  TiwanaCustom KM: Implementing the Right Knowledge Management Strategy for Your Organization (+ introduction by Ed Yourdon, who pioneered structured design)Cutter IT Journal
1998  TiwanaInterdependency Factors Influencing the World Wide Web as a Channel of Interactive Marketing Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services