Recently Published Books (earlier pre-1995 books included those on audio systems acoustics and analog semiconductor applications design). 

       1. Tiwana, IT Strategy for non-IT Managers: Becoming an Engaged Contributor to Corporate IT Decisions
           MIT Press, 2017. Also translated into Italian. (Sample chaptercatalog blurb; ancillaries; case map; all figures ZIP file)  
      2. Tiwana, Platform Ecosystems: Aligning Architecture, Governance, and Strategy, Morgan Kauffmann, 2014. 
          All figures in a ZIP file here; summary slides. Also translated into Korean.

3. Tiwana, The Knowledge Management Toolkit: Orchestrating IT, Strategy, and Knowledge Platforms

    Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, original edition 1999, 2nd edition 2002.


This book has been translated into several foreign languages (see below) and is widely used in MBA courses on knowledge management. Some business schools where it’s used include Berkeley, Stanford, Michigan, Emory, University of Washington, Indiana University, Purdue University, Georgia State, U. of Oklahoma, California State University Long Beach, State University of New York, University of Denver, Claremont Graduate School, Marquette University, American University, University of Maine, Depaul, North Carolina State University, University of Toronto, The University of Melbourne, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), International University in Germany, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany), Indian Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Carleton University (Canada), University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and others. Foreign translations include French (“Gestion Des Connaissances,” Paris, ISBN 2744011371), Polish (“Przewodnik po zarządzaniu wiedzą,” Placet Poland, ISBN 8385428836), simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese (ISBN 7505396544), and Turkish (“Bilginin Yönetimi”))It has also been widely used in corporate training programs and US Department of Defense programs.


4.   Tiwana, Knowledge Management: E-business and Customer Relationship Management Applications, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2001. Also published in French as Gestion des connaissances, Campus Press, Paris (2001), ISBN 2-744-011-37-1. Translated into French, traditional and simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, and Portuguese.


5.   Tiwana, Web Security, Elsevier Science Press (originally Digital Press), Woburn, MA, 1999.


Different versions of the original edition are the many foreign editions.


Top to bottom, and left to right: Second edition, primary US edition; French; Polish; Original US edition; Turkish; Asian low cost reprint; God knows!; Original US edition; Traditional Chinese; Original US edition; simplified Chinese; Taiwanese.