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I am the George Benson Professor at UGA’s Terry College of Business. I was previously on Emory's faculty, which I joined after my Ph.D. (IS) in 2001 at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Before UGA, I held the Union Pacific professorship at Iowa State University. I've also held a visiting professorship in Japan, where I'm involved in an initiative on systems-inspired science.   



My research (Google ScholarDLBPCSB) focuses on IT governance. My research has appeared in journals in information systems (ISRJMISMISQ), as well adjacent fields such as strategy (SMJCMR), marketing, finance, and software engineering (ACM TransactionsIEEE Software)


I serve or have served on the editorial boards of Information Systems Research (ISR)Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. received ISR’s Outstanding Associate Editor award in 2009 and two service awards in 2011 (AE) and 2016 (as a Senior Editor).   

  Representative recent research

            Platform EvolutionInformation Systems Research (ISR).

            Platform Synergy (solo), ISR.

            Evolutionary Competition in Platform Ecosystems (solo), ISR.

            Evolvable Systems: Through the Looking Glass, ISR.

            Discriminating IT Governance, ISR.

            Complementarities between Organizational IT Architecture and Governance (PPTs), ISR.

Knowledge-Governance Fit in Systems Development (solo), ISR. Runner-up for 2010 best paper award.

Does Interfirm Modularity Complement Ignorance? (solo), Strategic Management Journal.

Does Modularity Substitute for Interfirm Control? (solo), Strategic Management Journal.

Does Peripheral Knowledge Complement Control?, Strategic Management Journal.

Do Bridging Ties Complement Strong Ties?...Ambidexterity, Strategic Management Journal.

Process Integration in the US Electric Industry, MIS Quarterly.

Platform Desertion, JMIS.

Concurrent IT Sourcing, JMIS.

Design Convergence in Systems Development,(solo), JMIS.

A Comparison of TCE, Agency, & KBV Predictors of IT Outsourcing (PPTsJMIS.

Complementary and Substitutive Roles of Formal and Informal ControlsJMIS.

Control in Internal & Outsourced Systems Development , JMIS.

Expertise Integration in Systems DevelopmentJMIS.

The IT Governance Cube, JMIS. (PPT)

Towards a Theory of Whistleblowing Intentions, Decision Sciences.

Project Escalation: A Real Options ModelDecision Sciences2006 Best Paper AwardOthers>>

Bounded Rationality Bias in Real Options ValuationDecision Sciences.

Real Options Thinking in Project ManagementCalifornia Management Review.

See complete list >>


Corporate Collaborations

Organizations that have supported my field research include UPSHitachiToshibaHPFujitsuEricssonLillySAPMitsubishiIBMJapan Electronics & IT Industries Association, Italy’s Istituto Superiore Universitario di Formazione InterdisciplinareJapan’s Joint Forum for Strategic Software ResearchJapan’s Information Science FoundationUS DoDand NASSCOMI serve on various industry advisory boardsI also cochaired the AMCIS 2014 program. Popular press coverage includes Nikkei (interview in Japanese), the notorious SlashDot (archive), and Microsoft (interview). Industry reports from research involving Mozilla developers, the IT industry, and the US franchise industry can be found here. 



I teach in Terry’s Executive MBAMBAPh.D, MIT, and BBA programs. I received 2017 and 2014 Terry Outstanding Teacher awards and the 2015 SMIS Teacher of the Year AwardI was Terry's MIS doctoral coordinator from 2012-2014. My teaching in the MBAMS, and BS programs at Iowa State (blurb) was highlighted in its BusinessWeek’s profile. I taught in Emory's MBA and BBA programs at from 2001-2004, and at Georgia State from 1998-2001. I’ve also taught invited Ph.D.-level mini seminars in ItalyFinland, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan; and a graduate course on platforms in Holland. My 1999 book on knowledge management (2nd edition) is widely translated; a book on platforms appeared in 2014.   



My pre-MIS work from 1989-1996 in semiconductor applications design also influenced my research philosophy (more) towards nomothetic positivist empiricism. More on influences (and celebrity pictures)>> 

Rand's Fountainhead and Bach's Illusions, top my perennially-favorite books. Miles DavisChris ReaMark Knopfler50¢2Pac, Metallica, and AC/DC top my music list. I’m a Mac user since OS8Linux dabbler, and a reluctant Windows user. Links to my research are up top.