Signal COntrol Program Environment

SCOPE is an open source (GPL 2.0) dual redundant traffic signal control environment that was funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation under the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. 

SCOPE has both
pretimed and actuated control modes.  In actuated mode, it has min recall, max recall, gap out, max gap, and presence modes that include NCHRP 3-66 Signal Transition Logic concepts.  SCOPE interfaces with both NEMA-TS2 and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) traffic cabinets.

SCOPE executes under Linux or Windows.  At the moment, It runs on four different hardware platforms ... a PC (used for concept and unit testing), a PowerPC prototype board with various I/O connectors (used for integration testing), a $35 Raspberry PI SOM, and an Advanced Traffic Controller (currently, a PEEK ATC-1000).  SCOPE also has been integrated with the open source TEXAS traffic controller model.
SCOPE in ITS Cabinet

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SCOPE is unique in that it contains two separate programs (called the Primary and the Secondary) that were developed by different sets of software engineers.  Both programs perform the same intersection control logic while constantly exchanging intersection state information (dual-redundancy).  One program was developed in C++ while the other was developed using Ada95.  The same redundancy techniques used in fly-by-wire flight control systems have been incorporated into SCOPE.  SCOPE can run without the secondary program if redundancy is not desired.

SCOPE has several user interfaces.  It has a wireless Android tablet interface that allows a traffic engineer to change intersection parameters without opening the traffic cabinet.  It has a Java based interface that allows traffic engineers to control SCOPE from a remote location.  And, of course, it has a Front Panel User Interface that complies with the Advanced Traffic Controller specification.

SCOPE's Android Interface

SCOPE also has the ability to simulate 64 traffic sensors and 8 pedestrian calls.  It has several menu options to facilitate real time logging and debugging.  SCOPE is easily ported to any hardware platform.

SCOPE requirements, design, code, and unit tests are kept under configuration control. All software requirement, design, implementation, testing, configuration management and documentation tools used to develop SCOPE are open source and free.

SCOPE has been tested extensively using a virtual traffic cabinet and an ITS traffic cabinet.

SCOPE has been successfully ported to a Raspberry PI ARM SOM !!!
SCOPE running on $35 PI

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                                                                                      * TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE

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