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You may also want to check out Minor Video Game Projects.

Current Projects


Pokemon Map Creator 2.0

An improved version of Map Creator (see below) is in the works! Here are just some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Print only the map area instead of the whole screen
  • Drag on drop by square, not pixel
  • Character and animated spries
  • More sprites
  • And more!



Final Fantasy GC

It's kinda like Final Fantasy normal, but without a plot or graphics! So, pretty much you get to pick your party, and do turn based fighting. This is pretty much finished, I just need to fix a couple of glitches.

Past Projects


Pokemon Map Creator 1.0

This is a new program that allows you to create your own maps using graphics from Pokemon Ruby and Saphire. Here's an example of a map that could be created:

Other backgrounds that could be used are ocean, also used for islands, and desert, also used for mountains.

For more info and to download 1.0 , click here

Billionaire Bash

A platform game with fighting-game boss levels, this game pits you through Microsoft Headquarters to defeat Bill Gates, up Trump Tower to get to "The Donald" and all around the horror fest that is Disneyland to take down Mike Eisner.



School RPG

Just a simple fighting based RPG where you go around school and do some turned based fighting against teachers.

The Brain

A number guessing program that lets you choose your level of difficulty (a number 1 to 10 or a number 1 to 1 million). Once you guess, you can find out whether your guess was too high or too low.

Graphing Calculator Strong Bad Emails

On a very long and probably permanant hiatus. There were 4 original Strong Bad emails made for the graphing calculator by me. Two were ACSII based and two were graphically based. You can check out the old emails here.

Abanded / Hiatus Projects


Musk is a low quality parody / rip off of Myst

I would like to point out that I am only doing this out of love. This game probably won't be very expansive, so it should be done soon.


You can follow the progress of this project here


This is a prettty massive Homestar Runner RPG for TI graphing calculators. Should be a pretty big file, so if you want to download it, I recommend that you have a TI-84 Plus or Silver Edition.