The New World (The life in Jamestown, John Rolfe with Pocahontas and their son Thomas) - a Terence Malick movie (2005)

Try to relate from day to day the great adventure started in the 16th century that was the construction of the United States of America is obviously a project as crazy as exciting. Maybe is it even simply unrealistic ?

Follow the uncertain trails of those who were engaged into a project as ambitious as the conquest of a continent is not an easy work. Events which made history but also more ordinary facts that people lived over generations, characters who carved their name in memories or stepped incidentally into the limelight, happy or unfortunate hours, tragedies or dreams come true with in background the frontal clash of irreconcilable cultures one to the other, these are the purposes of this timeline.

With the help of dates, events, biographies, comments, illustrations, maps, follow the adventure from the beginning. It is time to weigh anchor and sail off Lizard Point to face the ocean and keep heading to this huge country called America.

Many links can complete this trip through the past in directing to sites that will deepen the knowledge or curiosity.

Welcome aboard,

Gerard Tondu