Company Profile


Perniagaan ATIMAS led by Siti Hanim Kosnin and assisted by Ami Ludin Surip acting as operations manager.

Perniagaan ATIMAS activities making frozen food products based in Puchong, Selangor. Perniagaan Atimas involve in  this field because of the high demand of fish products have recognized the high protein.


Atimas management business led by Ami Surip Bin Ludin. He has 20 years experience in the field of business. His experience with the Department of Fisheries and Selangor in the presence of many courses on the production of food products frozen.


These circumstances frozen food market shows encouraging improvement. Lifestyle of the citizens, are not denied the villagers were busy contributing to the increasing demand for frozen food. Perniagaan ATIMAS has identified that there is lack of frozen food products, particularly marine fish in the market. Perniagaan ATIMAS expects demand for frozen food will increase following the increase in local-level economic and busy people. Household spending is expected to increase following the development of a promising economic future. This will increase demand in the frozen food market and the local situation is supported by statistical demand for frozen foods continued to increase until 2020 to know.

Needs Assistance Grant And Equipment

Perniagaan ATIMAS plan assistance grants to develop business. Among other grants that are needed Start Up Business, Product Improvement Grant, Grant Certification of Grant Packaging SMIDEC.

While the status of adopted children to obtain needed funds FISHERIES equipment and machinery. Not denied the importance of advisory guidance in terms of food technology from MARDI and thus intends to be USAHAWAN BIMBINGAN MARDI.

From the marketing aspect is the Business intends to be USHAWAN BIMBINGAN FAMA which will help in the process of marketing and product ATIMAS assistance is needed in early September 2009.


Perniagaan ATIMAS was established in May 2009 after seeing a bright opportunity in the frozen food manufacturing sector and promote the persistence of areas of food manufacturing. Economic scenario that is stable and frozen food demand is ever increasing the frozen food sector manufacturing very interesting. In addition, the persistence of government departments such as Department of Fisheries, Mardi to monitor and provide advice to make an advantage in this sector.

Company Profile

Business Premises Address                       Perniagaan ATIMAS,
No. 26 Jalan P / P 2 / 3,
Taman Putra Perdana,
47100 Puchong Selangor.

Business Registration No.                          Atimas World Sdn.Bhd (880772-U)
Business Atimas (SA0124879-V)

Date of Establishment                                May 28, 2009

Business Activity                                      Create, provide, sell frozen food

Bank                                                        Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad


Perniagaan ATIMAS want to be leader frozen food manufacturing sector in Malaysia and aims to: -

* Became a frozen food manufacturers in Malaysia largest
* To provide frozen food to the population malaysia
* Provide a high satisfaction to customers of various terms
* Generating profits and higher returns to owners


Long Term Objectives

* Expanding market by providing more nutritious products that delight customers.
* Diversify frozen food products not only based on fish and even other sea products

Mid-term objectives

* Ensure the supply of frozen food in high quality
* Ensure frozen food manufacturing carried out in accordance with standards set

Short Term Objectives

* Ensure the quality of frozen food produced meet and comply with legal nutritional Malaysia.
* Provide food frozen at an affordable rate
* Ensure profit target achieved

Business Strategy

Perniagaan ATIMAS using the following strategies to achieve business objectives

Frozen meals more nutritious and delicious clean

* Practice good manufacturing practices according to international standards of HACCP
* Check the quality of raw materials made from time to time
* Activities in and out of the factory is controlled and comply with procedures to eradicate the disease
* Ensure that the factory is clean and orderly
* Ensure that each stock according to the raw materials used in the past
* Ensure that no animals poisonous plant area
* Each product bedge marked and recorded to facilitate the inspection if there any comments and complaints
* Applying the concept of JIT (Just In Time) in the production process prioduk, where it can reduce the cost of storage

Human Resources

* Employ workers who do not have experience with it and it will reduce production costs. Employees will be added according to the quantity of                     product requirements
* Determine the number of employees by number of pieces of product produced. Production in an employee manual for 1000 pieces of burger
* Schedule daily duty and the scope of work provided for easy reference so that employees and management of daily maintenance operations easier
       and more efficient

Key Success Factor

Perniagaan ATIMAS key success factors are: -

* Name ATIMAS itself that makes the strength and success factors
* Benefits and advantages of the fish itself is the power to ATIMAS
* Product has a distinctive taste and delicious and nutritious.
* To produce the first product on the market (a pilot for a product)
* Producing food digilai by the Chinese, where ATIMAS assume that if the Chinese would like a food then it will be a guide countless others.
* Free from any food poisoning
* Method of making clean and safe
* A good relationship with Government Agencies
* A good relationship with all-outlet outlet that sells products ATIMAS
* Good relations with suppliers
* It is the strategic alliances with various transport facilities and government agencies and close to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Strengths and weaknesses

Business ATIMAS strength is as follows: -

* Have an efficient management team
* Having the strength of its own brand "ATIMAS"
* Having the strength of the product dihasikan the first marketed product
* Having the strength of the product in terms of distinctive taste and nutritious
* Has the business planning aspects skilled in business development
* Management of skilled and experience in marketing

Perniagaan ATIMAS weaknesses are as follows: -

* Need to cash flow sufficient
* Need help to increase productivity for machine company
* Need to build a network of customers still

Products Offered

Fish is a source to a level of intelligence as Omega 3 in fish is good for the brain to be more clever and robust in behavior. Perniagaan ATIMAS offer frozen food that the fish-based Burger Fish. The company will be launching new products every two months in order increase the company's products

Production Method Products

Method of production practiced today is semi-manual methods. Given the company's premises near the park housing the company feels it need not be processing the fish, the Company should only buy from suppliers ready to fill the fish.

The company is expecting assistance from government agencies to assist in providing machine burgers and cold room as the existing manual method is less effective now in production.

Implementation Cost

Peniagaan ATIMAS estimated implementation cost of RM XX, XXX.XX.

Expenses are composed of capital expenditure of infrastructure and purchase of machinery and capital expenditure cycle.


According to the National Department of Statistics, in 2010 a total of 17,902,025 people in India age group 10-55 years and that has become the target of consumer products ATIMAS. Assumed only 50% who only eat burgers (8,951,012) a piece for a month, so the year of 107,412,144 should be supplied to the people of Malaysia for a period of one year. In the first year of operation ATIMAS aims only 2% of total supplies (2,148,248.88 burger pieces a year) only to supply the population. This means that the expected turn over to production ATIMAS burgers estimated RM 1,181,533.58 per year.


There are 5 competitors (Ramly, Saudi Arabia, Purnama, Khadijah, Intisari) that organize production burgers throughout Malaysia. Of these companies are major competitors Ramly operating large-scale, while other competitors consist of operators that are less popular. Ramly is a company that has been eminent in terms of products and brands.

Given the absence of fish products in the burger market, Perniagaan ATIMAS take enisiatif to produce fish burgers with other words trying to create product Perniagaan ATIMAS successor. It is a different product in terms of raw material used but has the functions and uses the same burger.
Perniagaan ATIMAS not compete in terms of brand competitors with the other and this means that competition is not based on user feedback to the advantage of a brand than other brands.

In terms of international competition, the Perniagaan ATIMAS not have international competitors and with other words there is no product that international goods melambakkan fish burgers in Malaysia. Prospective burger fans in Malaysia can choose fish burger Perniagaan ATIMAS product.

Ramly products are in all areas outlets from grocery store until kepasaraya large. Price per pack burgers are offered for RM5.90(Beef Burger) and RM4.90( Chicken Burger).

Marketing Plan

The placement price of fish burgers per pack for ATIMAS is RM7.50. With the price that encourages sales, Business sales ATIMAS organized for 10 years following: -

Campaign Activities


Perniagaan ATIMAS intends mengwar-warkan excess protein in the daily life, the most know that many proteins are produced from fish.
Perniagaan ATIMAS will invite journalists newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Metro and Kosmo many readers who have made an article on sea products processing technology in order to help fishermen as well as interest income increased protein in their daily lives. Indirectly articles can introduce the company and products offered to the public.

A visit to the burger stall, Mini Market and Pasaraya.

A marketing group will be formed to introduce products directly to companies burger stalls and restaurants 24 hour (mamak). Banting and stickers will be installed in at least two outlets in every garden brger housing in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. 
Perniagaan ATIMAS want to introduce products directly to burger fans.

Perniagaan ATIMAS attempt to obtain production contracts from companies such as the famous franchise Otai Burger, with the issuance of this contract will ensure that demand can be assured company.

Once the company is satisfied with the response burger fan-fan, the Company will attempt to obtain supply contracts brger and other products to supermarkets such as supermarkets-Mydin, Giant, Tesco, Carefour, Hero, Econsave and E Mart. By supplying products to supermarkets and supermarket-brand companies, the company will ensure that sales and can get competitive advantage.


In campaign ads will be done at certain times based on market conditions. Six methods of advertising proposed: -

(a) use advertising space on newspaper ads in selected newspapers: -
  • Utusan Malaysia
  • Daily News
  • Metro
  • Kosmo
  • The Star
  • Sin Chew Daily
(b) Use banting potential areas to be placed: --
  • Burger stalls
  • Commuter Stations
  • Areas housing
(c) Distribution pamphlet containing products offered on the company's housing estates.

(d) Using the Internet as an advertising medium: --
  • Blogger
  • Website
  • Youtube
(e) Participating in the expo and konversion organized by government departments and private

(f) Using electronic media such as RTM, TV3 and Astro.

Sales Continue

Increasing competitiveness for the company, continues to sales in general continue to do through retail market-night market or pasar tani. This activity is carried out to ensure the marketing and sale of various products run with lancer while improving income.

It is estimated an additional 30% additional income obtained through retail sales of each product produced. This method is carried out by making network marketing through farmers' markets and night markets to involve several employees and special transport vehicles.

ATIMAS create business plans franchise business concept for some products which felt very appropriate for the Rayleigh-brain brain. With such an approach the company can look closer relationship with all-outket outlet and can identify all the weaknesses of the product.

All this effort is to diversify product sales activities to ensure the continued marketing and thus ensure the competitiveness of companies in the frozen food production viable and sustainable.

Survivorship Planning Business

Ensure force for competitive and sustainable business continues, some risks associated with business operations have been identified. Among these is the risk of disasters such as fires and other natural disasters. Safety reasons, the company will keep copies of important documents, including documents in a business plan continued security firm in Kuala Lumpur.

States will also take into account any impact from any type of disaster to the core business processes to identify and analyze all sinario emergency. Processes include: -

* All recipes
* Records Management
* Certification
* Quality Control
* Sales
* Customer
* Supplier
* Information systems management
* Financial

Apart from that, the company will ensure that leakage and loss of confidential company information does not happen by having contracts with the undertaking of a comprehensive Staff. The Company intends to hold contracts with the staff undertaking the company involved directly with the company's operations.
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