Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are the ingredients of Sarawak Layered cakes?

The ingredients may differ from one recipe to another.  However, the basic ingredients we use for our products are pure butter, eggs,  milk, castor sugar, Hong Kong flour, processed flours , "sri kaya" (coconut jam), fruits puree and flavouring pastes.  


Q: How do we differ the quality of the layer cakes?

A good quality layer cake should have smooth and fine cake texture.  It should be moist, not oily. Good layer cakes use pure butter. Not margerine or other low quality butter. Beware, "Buttercup" is a brandname for margerine.  It is NOT Butter.  Some cake producer uses margerine to reduce production costs. Margerine will produce a strong odor/tatse ('tengik') after a while. Good quality layer cakes should sustain its taste and texture even if the cakes been kept frozen for few months. 


Q : How come the some of the layer cakes we bought get bad so fast?

There are many factors that can contribute to this situation.  In most cases, the buyers bought the cake from the Sunday market or at the sidewalks.  The cakes may had been exposed too long at our hot and moist climate before they were kept back into the refrigerator late at night, if they are not sold.  This will encourage fungus to grow; food, heat & moist - remember your science class? Note that some of the cakes may had been on the display table for over two weeks or more! Therefore, it is highly recommended that you buy the layer cakes that are displayed inside a chiller.


Q : How long can the layered cake lasts?

Depends on many factors such as;

1. Amount of the artificial preservative

Most layered cakes consist artificial preservatives to make the cakes last longer in room temperature.  The more preservatives, the longer it last.  However, artificial preservatives is not a healthy practice.  Randau's Sarawak Layered cakes consist of very little preservative.  We use a quarter of a tea spoon for every 7kg cake mix. Therefore, in room temperature, a non-cheese layer cake can last for 3 to 5 days.  A cheese-based layer cake can last about 2 - 3 days in room temperature.

2. Amount of sugar

Sugar is a natural preservative that keeps food lasts longer.  Remember fruit jam? With similar concept, the sweeter the cake, the longer it lasts.

3. Keeping Method

We recommend that you keep the cakes chilled or frozen if you intend not to consume them yet.  Make sure the cakes are wrapped tightly using a plastic wrap (not plastic bags, OK?)  Use a clean plastic glove when wrapping the cakes. Keep the wrapped cakes inside a container before putting them into your fridge. Frozen cakes can last up to 12 months and chilled cakes can last about 6 months if the cakes are handled and kept properly and not contaminated during the keeping period.  Be sure that your cakes are not kept next to strong smelling food such as durian because cakes can absorb smells as well.

Q : When is good to cut the cake?

Layered cakes are easier to cut when they are chilled, not frozen.  So, if the cake is frozen, let it stand in room temperature for about an hour before cutting them.


Q : Which knife to use to cut the cake?

Use a smooth and sharp cake knife or to have a nice clean cut.  Never use a serrated knife especially for designed cakes or rolls.

Q : Why the designed cake falls apart?

Designed cakes and rolls are actually pieces of cut cakes binded together using fruit jam and/or milk.  The cakes may fall apart if they  are cut in room temperature, overheated (microwave), cut with a wrong knife, wrongly cut or just  by accident.  Don't worry,  wrap it back tightly in the plastic wrapper and put it back into your refrigerator.

Any more Inquiries?

If you have any more questions regarding Kek Lapis Sarawak or our products, feel free to email us at randau.cafe@gmail.com.


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