Incinerators for hospital, animal and industrial waste

ATI incinerators Muller / ATI industries

ATI was founded in 1930 by Maurice MULLER.

ATI INDUSTRIES designs and manufactures incinerators for waste treatment and filtration system.

ATI is specialized in treatment of hospital and industrial wastes and all installation respect the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000

Incinerator for hospital waste

The complete destruction of waste from healthcares by high temperature incineration, respecting The European incineration standard Directive EU 76/2000.

Incinerator for animal waste

Animal carcass is defined as all kinds of animal waste generated from farms, slaughterhouses, test laboratories,veterinary hospitals, zoos and others ,also as pathological waste.

Incinerator for industrial waste

The destruction and energetic upgrading of industrial waste made of plastic, tar, resins, paints textiles fabrics.


ATI industriesATI incinerators Muller / ATI industries
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