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Flight Oahu To Maui

flight oahu to maui
  • a formation of aircraft in flight
  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight
  • an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace
  • shoot a bird in flight
  • The third largest of the Hawaiian islands; pop. 838,500. Its principal town, Honolulu, is the capital of Hawaii. It is the site of Pearl Harbor, a US naval base
  • an island of central Hawaii (between Molokai and Kauai); the chief island of the state
  • Oahu ( in English) or Oahu (pronounced in Hawaiian), known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and most populous of the islands in the State of Hawaii. The state capital Honolulu is located on the southeast coast.
  • the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands
  • In Mangareva, Maui hauls the land up from the sea, and ties the sun with tresses of hair. His father was Ataraga; his mother, Uaega. There were eight Maui: Maui-mua, Maui-muri, Maui-toere-mataroa, Tumei-hauhia, Maui-tikitiki-toga, Maui-matavaru, Maui-taha, Maui-roto.
  • The second largest of the Hawaiian islands, northwest of the island of Hawaii
  • In Hawaiian mythology, Maui is a culture hero who appears in several different genealogies. In the Ulu line he is the son of Akalana and his wife Hinakawea (Hina). This couple has four sons, Maui-mua, Maui-hope, Maui-kiikii and Maui-a-kalana.
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Rolling Tides
Rolling Tides
Woke up at 3:00 AM for our 5:00AM flight Maui. After we got our car we headed out to Wailea and just kept driving. As I looked to the right I saw this small beach and I told my friend to stop so I could get a shot. Since there was no shoulder or anything we were kind of in the middle of the road but at 7:00am there were more people walking or running then there were cars. I took 3 shots for this HDR. At -2, 0, +2. I liked this area because it allowed me to get Kaho‘olawe in the background. We wanted to get a shot that I could not get on Oahu. Thank you for all your kind words. I appreciate reading them all.
Island Air DHC-8 "Island Rhythm", first Dash 8 I've flown in.
Island Air DHC-8 "Island Rhythm", first Dash 8 I've flown in.
This was the Dash 8 we flew from Maui back to Oahu. My first Dash 8 flight. Island Air have unique tail art on each of their DHC-8s, a classy touch. DSC_2006

flight oahu to maui
flight oahu to maui
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