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Book Flights From Tripmama

book flights from tripmama
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Taking my PADI inspiration today from Grac's picture, here's the teetering pile of books next to my bed, the titles of which seem to describe my interests pretty comprehensively. Looking at this in isolation from the rest of my bedroom is weird. Top book recommendation from this lot - the one on the top right: "On food and cooking" by Harold McGee.
book babel: half-read tower of shame
book babel: half-read tower of shame
all the books i'm in the middle of reading. terrible habit to read more than one at once; but it cuts down the crazy frustration when you go and bloody lose one. the pile of unread-but-fully-intend-to books fills most of our front room. And i *still* like to spend the odd hour or two in bookshops.

book flights from tripmama