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Best Search Engine For Flights

best search engine for flights
    search engine
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  • A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system. The search results are usually presented in a list and are commonly called hits.
  • a computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)
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best search engine for flights - Bluetrek Crescendo
Bluetrek Crescendo Voice High Noise Cancellation Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset (Rubber Black)
Bluetrek Crescendo Voice High Noise Cancellation Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset (Rubber Black)
Bluetrek CRESCENDO VOICE, the only choice of bluetooth headset when failure to understand is not an option. Voice controlled feature allow you to control your headset by your voice, no voice training requirement. Multipoint technology that allows your Bluetooth Headset to be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth Headset: Totally Hands-Free Experience, Best-in-Class Noise Cancellation

A truly hands-free Bluetooth headset with built-in voice control

Outstanding sound quality independently rated among the world's best
USB chargers included
The Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth Headset is a truly hands-free Bluetooth headset with built-in voice control. Command your phone to make, answer, or reject calls, connect you to the Bing411™ voice search hotline and the local traffic hotline for the latest information, and even send and receive emails and texts without touching the key pad. The Crescendo headset will also literally tell you your connection and battery status, or guide you step by step through the operation manual.

The Crescendo headset is pre-loaded with English voice firmware, and you can download the French language from the Bluetrek Talk2Me™ App store free of charge. German, Spanish, and more languages will be available at the App store in the near future.

Intuitive Talk2Me Voice Control with No Training Required
Not talking to anyone? Talk to Crescendo. Its Talk2Me voice-activated commands let you pair the headset, check battery and connection status, redial the most recent number, check your voicemail, and more. At any time, you can simply ask, "What can I say?" for a list of available voice commands. And the Crescendo's crystal-clear noise-canceling mic and superior DSP technology means you can use your normal speaking voice anywhere--no voice training required.

Free App Installation for Extended Functionality
The Crescendo can even extend its functionality with separately installed applications. The free Microsoft Bing411 voice search allows voice access to the latest news, including stocks, sports scores and more. (Service only available in US, coming soon to other countries; for more information, please visit Bing411's website.) With the 511 App, just say "Traffic Conditions" to connect to the 511 local traffic condition hotline and get to your destination in the shortest time. Dial2Do™ Handsfree Assistant lets you send and receive your text messages and emails by your voice. (Dial2Do requires a subscription. A 60-day trial of Dial2Do is included with Crescendo purchase.) The Audio App ensures optimization of audio performance of your headset with you mobile phone. And alternate language apps allows you to communicate with your Crescendo headset in your preferred language.

Apps are downloaded from the Talk2Me App Store on Bluetrek's website, where you can also find installation instructions.

NoiseLock Technology Provides Best-in-Class Noise Cancellation
The Crescendo has been independently rated as one of the best noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets in the world by TUV Rheinland, thanks to Bluetrek’s dual-mic design with proprietary NoiseLock™ and Crystalline Voice™ technologies. The Crescendo headset produces exceptionally clear calls, even in environments with up to 85dB of background noise. With NoiseLock, one microphone is aimed at your mouth while another picks up background noise. The two signals are processed during transmission to remove the background noise from your voice. Then the noise-free voice signal is further processed to add clarity and volume. The result: outstanding sound quality.

Lightweight Style with Strong Performance
The Crescendo supports extended call functionality, such as call answer/reject, mute/unmute, volume control, call transfer (between phone and headset), and multipoint technology for using two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. For phones that support it, the Crescendo also supports redial for rejected and most recent call.

The Crescendo headset weighs only 9.1 grams, and its included earhooks and patented Ergobud earpiece mean you'll always have a comfortable fit. It has up to 5 hours of talk time with up to 7 days of standby.

What's in the Box

Two (2) different size plastic ear hooks
Four (4) different size ergobuds®
Magnetic headset holder
USB cable
Universal USB car charger
Technical Specifications

Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
Standby Time: Up to 7 days
Weight: 9.1g (0.3oz)
Voice Control: Yes
Voice Recognition: Both in American English or French
Voice Alert: Both in American English or French
Bluetooth Specification: V2.0 (V2.1 compatible)
NoiseLock™ and Crystalline Voice™ technologies for noise cancellation: Yes

86% (6)
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best search engine for flights