Mrs. Thompson's Classroom Information




1.      Follow directions.

2.    Complete your assignments on time.

3.     Be an independent worker.

4.    Always keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5.     Use class hand signals.



Marble Jar

For each compliment the class receives, I will add a marble to our marble jar.  When 25 marbles have been obtained, the class will vote on a reward.



 School Information

Daily Folders     
Daily folders will be sent home each day.  The folder will contain a calendar to be initialed, homework,  and a communication log.



Binders will be sent home at the end of each week.  It will contain graded work from that week, goals, and data tracking.




Each child will be given the opportunity to celebrate his/her birthday during the school year.  If your child has a summer birthday, he/she may celebrate it on his or her half birthday.  Feel free to send a healthy birthday treat with your child.  If you wish to send a treat, please send a note to let me know what day you would like to send or bring treats so that I may plan accordingly.


Our class will have parties during the school year for fall festival, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.   


There will be many opportunities for you to volunteer throughout the year.  I welcome all offers.  Your support can be exhibited in a number of ways.  I’m always looking for volunteers to assist with projects.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, please let me know.



 Homework Policy        

Homework is important because it teaches responsibility and helps students develop good study habits.  In addition, homework helps to reinforce lessons that have been learned in class, and helps prepare students for upcoming lessons and tests. 


Your child will have math facts homework Monday through Thursday.  The work does not take long to complete and has proven to be very beneficial.  The only other homework your child will have is to prepare for upcoming tests, special projects or practice work that was not completed during class time.  I will notify you of upcoming tests and projects in our weekly newsletter.  If you ever feel that it is taking your child too long to complete his/her homework each night, please notify me.