Weld Central Middle School Athletics and Activities


Weld Middle School Athletics Calendar

To register for sports, turn all forms into the front office. Forms can be found at the front office or online.

Participation Cutoff  Dates for Middle School Athletics

A cutoff date will be instated for all athletics. This date will be the last date that a potential participant 
can join a team. Cutoff dates for all athletics are as follows: 

                                             First Date of Practice         Last Day to Join a Team
Football                                Aug 15th                             August 21st
Volleyball                            Aug 15th                             August 21st
Boys Soccer                         August 15th                        August21st
Cross Country                      August 15th                        August 21st
Boys Basketball                   Oct 16th                              Oct 23rd
Girls Basketball  
                 Jan 4th                                 Jan 7th
Wrestling                             Jan 4th                                 Jan 7th
Girls Soccer                         Mar 14th                              Mar 21st
Track (boys & girls)            Mar 7th                                Mar 14th

Exceptions to participation sign-up rule:
 A new student to the building/school.
 An injury related situation that has been cleared by a physician.


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