How Any Body Can Get the Vitamins and Minerals it Needs in One Simple Beverage

Smoothies and other beverages are gaining attention by those interested in boosting nutrition. These easy to drink and digest products make it fast and simple to get the vitamins and minerals a body needs. There are enormous benefits a healthy drink provides and their portability and affordable price means everyone has the time and the money to enjoy them as well.

Smoothies and powdered formulas are able provide their nutrients in a concentrated form. Many are made with the entire herb, fruit or vegetable making them more powerful than how they are normally eaten. It has long been known that many natural foods have a higher level of their vitamins in their seeds, stems and roots. The problem is that these parts are unpalatable and are thrown away rather than put to use.

Powders are able to make use of these parts in the same way smoothie mixers do. The entire product is pulverized and used to create the finished product. It solves two problems really, valuable nutrients are no longer wasted and the person drinking the product is getting a powerful dose of the nutrition they need, usually with minimal calories as well.

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is an advanced form of this type of product. Unlike some powders that combine one or two fruits or vegetables with fillers and flavorings, this one loads the powder with the largest range of vitamins and minerals possible. This is done by combining 75 whole foods for a beverage that offers the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in one. It is specially formulated to boost body absorption and digest easily.

This type of nutritionally packed product does not just happen. It was carefully created under the supervision of doctors and scientists and is promoted by top athletes around the world including New Zealand native Chris Ashenden.

Ashenden is a sports and fitness enthusiast that received his degree is Sports Science. Today he works as a personal fitness consultant, providing his clients with the timeliest information regarding proper nutritional habits and fitness advice. Unafraid to voice his opinion on any matter, he has been a staunch supporter of this health product.

One of the biggest benefits these types of formulas offer is that they can be utilized by nearly anyone. Those who are significantly out of shape can begin a new diet with this product and instantly boost the nutrition their body receives. Good nutrition converts to more energy and a better overall feeling of good health. This is often the boost people need to begin an exercise program.