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The Documentary


What happens when you put a Lawyer, an Ivy Grad, and a City Chick on the Appalachian Trail?

You get an inspiring story of three, eccentric travelers determined to accomplish a mutual dream . . . mixed with pure, uncensored, unpredictable entertainment!

This documentary follows the story of a woman struggling to balance family and friendship with a personal quest for happiness while hiking from Georgia to Maine.  The woman, Katherine “Ringleader” Imp, is a 24-yr-old lawyer with big dreams, high expectations, and an undying need to prevail against all odds.

Though very few people successfully complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, Kate sets the bar higher by attempting to complete the hike with a group. This group, collectively known as “The Traveling Circus,” includes Emily Ginger, her best friend, and Brandon Imp, her younger brother.  Though Brandon and Emily initially embarked on the trip to spend more time with Kate, Brandon and Emily also find themselves conflicted between their love for Kate and their need for individual experience.  With five months of physical, mental, and spiritual hardship ahead of them, the Traveling Circus finds the bonds of friendship and family tested in ways that no one, not even a Ringleader, could foresee…

Katherine Imp
Director, Executive Producer
Ringleader Kate Productions
Jason Furrer
Producer, Editor
Furrer Films Productions
For more information about the film, or about distribution and sponsorship opportunities, please email us at athike2010@gmail.com.