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About Us

Katherine Imp (24 yrs. old)
Kate is a native of south Jersey and a recent graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law.  Though Kate has always had an interest in academics and the law, she also enjoys film, travel, sunsets, and talking with strangers.  These interests quickly led to an obsession over the hit-show Survivor, but after many failed attempts to land a role on the show, Kate decided to create her own outdoor adventure with the Appalachian Trail as her backdrop.  Though Kate has no prior backpacking experience, and has never been particularly adaptable to the outdoors, she's always had a love for the unknown...and there's nothing more unpredictable than a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  During her first year of law school in 2007, Kate began to implant this thru-hiking idea into the minds of her best friend Emily and her brother Brandon, both of whom quickly joined in on the idea.  Kate's long-time friend Jason also jumped on the opportunity to participate in this experience and co-produce the documentary.  Now, three years later, with a law degree in hand and the Illinois bar exam behind her, Kate is finally ready to make her AT-Survivor dream a reality.    

Brandon Imp (21 yrs. old)
Brandon recently received a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University with a major in Biological Sciences, concentration in Microbiology, and minor in Theatre Performance.  He is a dedicated scholar in science and art, and he is committed to understanding the big picture.  Some scholarly accomplishments include research on anti-cancer drugs and being a Cornell Tradition Fellow, USDA Helms Scholar, and brother in Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity.  In the near future, Brandon plans on attending medical school to become an infectious disease specialist.  Hard science is balanced by the creation and study of theatre.  He is proud of the numerous productions he has developed and other projects he acted in.  The documentary will be an excellent challenge to apply live performance technique to a different style and format.  As for the outdoors, the exploration of it and man’s impact on it has always intrigued Brandon. He basically grew up in a tent with the Scouting program and has worked on organic farms over the globe.  Adventure and intrigue, he thinks, are essential for a healthy mind and an understanding of the greater world.  Brandon is eager to see what mental, emotional, and physical experiences the trail will create for him along the way.

Emily Ginger (23 yrs. old)
Emily was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, in the city proper.  She is the second of four children.  Emily has been a camper all her life, she first went camping (in a tent) when she was 18 months and grew up spending summer family vacations camping for two weeks at a time in various state and national parks.  She spent a year living and going to school at University of Illinois in Champaign, IL after graduating high school.  Finding Champaign a poor fit for her interests, Emily spent the following year living in San Francisco while working on environmental and human rights campaigns for a national non-profit organization.  Emily has been living in Chicago for the past three years, and currently attends University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) where she is majoring in Psychology.  While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Emily works part-time as a cocktail waitress and bartender at a concert venue in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.  She enjoys being in a large urban atmosphere because of the endless opportunities for things to do.  Some of her current hobbies include people watching, longboarding, and speed rollerblading.  

Jason Furrer (24 yrs. old)
Jason, a longtime resident of south Jersey, graduated from Temple University, studying film and business.  He has worked behind the scenes on several short films as well as a variety of other media projects including film trailers, television demos, and commercials.  Most recently, he served as editing supervisor on "Price of Life", a documentary produced as part of a new class at Villanova University.  "Price of Life" won Best Documentary at the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival with nominations for Best Documentary, Best Directing, Best Sound Mix, and Best Original Score.  Though Jason and Kate have worked together on a variety of Survivor audition tapes, this will be their first major film project as a team.  Jason will be hiking portions of the AT with Kate, Emily, and Brandon, but his role will mainly focus on producing a documentary film worthy of audience attention.  Check out Jason on IMDB.