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Frequently Asked Questions
Here we'll be posting some of our most frequently asked or favorite questions and their responses...

Can we send you mail on the trail?

Answer: Sure!  Letters (and candy) are always a great motivator.  Here's how:  


*UPS and FedEx packages CANNOT be sent to Post Office

*Post Office Address:  Recipient Name

                                 General Delivery

                                 City, State, Zip Code

                                 Please Hold for Thru-Hiker

                                 Estimated Date of Arrival: xx/xx/2010

  1. Franklin, NC [03/18/2010]
  2. Hot Springs, NC [04/01/2010]
  3. Damascus, VA [04/12/2010]
  4. Pearisburg, VA [04/24/2010]
  5. Waynesboro, VA [05/10/2010]
  6. Harper’s Ferry, WV [05/28/2010]
  7. Duncannon, PA [06/04/2010]
  8. Vernon, NJ [06/18/2010]
  9. Dalton, MA [07/01/2010]
  10. Glencliff, NH [07/14/2010]
  11. Caratunk, ME [07/31/2010

We ask,"What happens when you put a lawyer, an ivy grad, and a city chick on the AT?"  You answered:

Lawyer sues the Ivy grad, city girl eats them both for lunch.
11:17 am 2-9-2010

The city chick will wind up hiring the lawyer to represent her when she sues the Ivy Grad for sexual harassment.
-Pebble Puppy
2:24 pm 2-9-2010