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Who thought jallousie windows were a good idea?

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Mike and I are very fortunate to live in a house that my family owns.  It's an old house (circa 1960's) complete with dirty old carpet, even older appliances and jallousie windows.  But it is rent-free and you can't beat that with a stick!  It's our temporary home while we finish school and save up to buy our own house someday.  Our house is 3BR/2BA.  The kitchen is super-tiny (can't open the oven and the fridge at the same time).   I have only recently caught the "decorating bug," so our home is a work in progress.

For now, we are decorating as we can afford it.  Our biggest goal is to make our house look like grown-ups live here and not a bunch of college kids.  We've made a lot of progress, but there's still so much more I want to do.  It seems silly to invest too much since this isn't our permanent home, but we also want it to look nice.  My favorite feature of the house (besides the cost) is our large covered patio and backyard. It's nice for BBQ'ing and for Marley to have room to run around.

Below are a few pictures of my favorite things around our house.  As we decorate more, I'll post more pictures. I will also periodically update with pictures of our seasonal decor.


The Brand New Office

The monstrous desk that we built--I was inspired by the PB Craft Desk, but we managed to redo the whole room and build this for a fraction of what their desk cost.


part 2 of the desk


Please escuse the poorly hidden mop that is still in the room.  The chair will also be slipcovered white.


Close-up of the end of the craft desk...soon these shelves will be filled with all my supplies


The paper that inspired it all...I love Paper Source


Soup cans = instant storage

Marley modeling the new FLOR tiles--Fedora Cayenne...Note: these look very orange online, but way more red in person.

The Kitchen

please excuse the mess...I had to capture this rare moment



yes, we have a super tiny kitchen. the fridge and oven can't be open at the same time.


both sides of my tiny kitchen...check out that carpet! who carpets a kitchen?


our "breakfast nook" on the wall across from the kitchen and a close up of our shot glass collection

breakfast table and stools are from Target; shelves are from BBB


the china hutch (from Target) next to our stove and the door leading to our backyard


The newly doorless cabinets. I've always wanted to do this and just recently did.  It obviously needs some touch-ups and new paint, but I like it so much already.


my china pattern that i love. parchment by mikasa.



My Beautiful NEW Dining Room

to see the transformation and before pictures, check out "Home Projects" page linked at the top

Our new dining room...it's finally done!

Paint is Classic Khaki from Olympic; striped curtains from Croscill Outlet $12 each; white curtains from Wal-Mart, only $4 each

Close up of the table top

extreme close-up of the table-top decor

         The two corner tables along the far wall...the one above will double as a server.  Baskets--$6 Wal-Mart; Table--$30 from Craigslist (refinished); sea grass, shells, and sand all from Target

We already had this mirror in there, but it was vertical. I decided to hang it sideways with the floating shelves from Target.

Close-up of floating shelves...shells, candles, and "driftwood" from Target

A couple wedding pictures and a art print ("Life in the Slow Lane") on the DR walls.


The Backyard

Mine and Marley's favorite spot to chill out. 

The Bedrooms

as they say on cribs, this is where the magic happens (aka our master bedroom)

paint color: Tabu by Olympic

i love this duvet set. it's so clean and fresh. got it at BBB--it's called Lantana


our new corner shelf in the bedroom (xmas present from mom and dad)... so much better than our old plastic shelf

A framed poster of the fountain where we were married...this painting was the poster art for our local arts festival last fall.  It's hanging on the wall in our bedroom.


Our newly framed wedding photos and the wedding memories shadow box I made...both hanging on the walls in our bedroom.


the guest room.  the comforter is a lighter orange (from Target) than shown...more of a rust orange. i love this color--never thought i'd decorate with orange, but i like it.


i love (this) lamp (Target)


Living Room

our living room (picture taken from our "breakfast nook")

we don't use our front door.  the living room is too small to make room for that door to be used, so instead, we use the door off our carport.  Furniture is from sticks and stuff, except for the coffee table, which is from Target.


the other direction

the corner leading down the hallway to the rest of the house and a close up of a wedding present from pack and jojo--the softest blanket ever with our name embroidered on it

my entertainment center that i got for a steal when k-mart closed down


the two tables that flank the entertainment center


i love all my books (it makes me feel smart looking at all of them) and yes, i've read them all except for a few new ones i just got


the coffee table (target)...with all its usual clutter


On the Walls

One of my favorite Christmas presents ever. My parents gave us this print in 2006. There is a local artist who does these prints based on old orange crates.  This one was for the Thomas Center where we got married.  To see his other work, look here. I can't wait to collect more of his works.


Very poor quality picture of some photos on our walls, including the shadow box I made for Mike as an anniversary present.  We just got a bunch of frames for Christmas so I hope to have more recent pictures on the wall soon.


my weimaraner art (made from a calendar) in our bedroom and a few wedding pix on our wall cubes in the living room. (yes, that picture is suposed to be crooked. it was taken that way)


another piece of art that we bought at the arts festival, called "life in the slow lane."  This will probably be moved to the beach-themed dining room once it's done.


our first official wedding present from the bramletts. it's called the palm and it reminds me of our honeymoon