Our Family

It's just us and the dog . . .

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Our Family

Our family is rather small--only three siblings between the two of us and not very big extended families. 
As for our happy little home, it's just us and our newly adopted dog, Marley.  Marley is a 5 year old American Bulldog/Pit mix who joined our family in October 2007.  We found him at
Phoenix Animal Rescue
.  We adopted Marley to fill the void in our home after we had to put our beloved "monkey," Diego, to sleep in September 2007.  Diego was suffering from seizures due to a possible brain tumor that eventually ended his life.  We miss him everyday and we are so glad to have Marley around to lift our spirits. 

We also foster through Phoenix Animal Rescue.  Check out some pictures of our newest family member at the bottom of this page.


Diego 5/5/01-9/15/07

The Best Dog that Ever Lived



Marley, our very happy rescue dog

adopted into our family on 10/20/07

after diego passed away, my biggest regret was that we didn't take more pictures of him when we had the opportunity.  so now we're kind of obsessive about capturing marley on film every chance we have

me and marley in our favorite place to chill



Marley getting a belly rub from Mike

we bought marley a special salve (sp?) for his scar, but it stinks and is gross so we put a t-shirt on him so he wouldn't rub the salve off


just some pictures of marley chillin' in the beanbag


could he get any cuter?  the answer is no (bonus sympathy points for the scar)



Our Foster Dogs


Dundee, our 1st foster dog (Jan-May 08)


Marley and Dundee spooning . . . we're so happy they get along


Foster #2: Abby (June 08-February 09)

Abby is a Rott/Golden Retriever mix. After 8 1/2 months with us, Abby finally found a wonderful home with a family in town.  She is doing well and adjusting to her new brother, a large lab named Tank!

Foster #3: Zuzu (January 09...just one week)

Zuzu is a 10 year old Yorkie rescued from a back-yard breeder.  She is a very sweet dog, but she is blind and not house-broken, yet.  Her blindness doesn't hinder her at all, though.  Zuzu has hit the jack-pot and is now living (quite literally) in the lap of luxury at my grandmother's house.