We were married on May 4, 2007 at the Historic Thomas Center in Downtown Gainesville.  Our ceremony took place in the West Gardens and the reception was held inside at the Spanish Court.  It was a beautiful and fun day--everything I always wanted it to be.  I was so happy that all of our friends and family could come together under one roof to celebrate, if only for an evening.  So many of our friends have said it was the most fun they have ever had at a wedding. I'm so glad they feel the same as I do.  I wish I could get married every year!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our day so special.  I would especially like to thank:

my parents for funding our little shin-dig, 
Mike's parents for contributing to the cause and for making sure his side of the family knew what was going on,
my sister for throwing an awesome bachelorette weekend that I will never forget,
my mom for running countless wedding errands and dealing with the vendors that I couldn't deal with anymore,
my uncles for taking such great pictures and video footage,
the Bramletts for marrying us and lending us their off-spring,
Mere for answering all of my wedding questions,
the guys for helping Mike salvage the snow-in in PA and for the make-up party,
Sarah and Adrienne for playing good-cop/bad-cop,
and to everyone else who pitched in to  make our day so stress-free and perfect--just because your name isn't here doesn't mean you aren't appreciated!

I thoroughly enjoyed planning my wedding.  If you have any questions or would like more detailed vendor referrals, please ask!