Ez Connect Wireless Ap Manager Download : D Link Wireless Router Configuration

Ez Connect Wireless Ap Manager Download

ez connect wireless ap manager download
    wireless ap
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Wow, a really good WIRELESS AP
Wow, a really good WIRELESS AP
Wow, providing you don't want any encryption, it does work out of the box. plugged the audio out into my speakers, i-tunes picked up the AP and I can stream music to wherever the speakers are.. Apple for once, this is not an overpriced all show product this is useful and works with Windows, MAC - well done. What am I doing with mine? Well it's extending the coverage of my existing wireless network (based on a Linksys AP), and streaming music. It's got multiple profiles within the unit, so you can take it on the road - plug it into a switch/hub at a friends or a hotel and go wireless almost instantly (you have to select the profile from an installed app of your Windows/Mac). Cost? ?80... good value, and an excellent way to extend your network or create a new one easily.
Network kit: Uplink and Wireless
Network kit: Uplink and Wireless
Linksys WRT54GS Wireless router (sold) Linksys AG241 ADSL modem and router (sold)

ez connect wireless ap manager download
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