Sample Simple Sites

You might be wondering what a Simple Site looks like. Here are a few examples of sites I've created -

First, a number of therapists. There are inevitably similarities in these sites because they're all covering the same sort of things, but you should also get an idea of the flexibility of design I'm able to offer.

Norma James's site -
Bledlow Ridge Osteopaths -
Ash Tree Therapy -
Accord Counselling
Sally Godfrey's site
David Polak's site
Michael Rouse's site
Carole Barbier Counselling -
The Bushey Therapy Centre -
Inspire Counselling -

And now a few other sites which will show you the range of possibilities that are available if you should want them - - In another part of my life I'm a musician, and this is the site I use to sell my music. You probably wouldn't want sound files and PayPal buttons on your site - but if you do you can! - and in another part I make counselling dvds - again, lots of videos, downloads and PayPal buttons - if you want them, you can have them.
Fownhope CRAG - Fownhope CRAG is a community action group. Again, you probably wouldn't want as many bells and whistles on your site but, if you do, that can be arranged. Of course, if you were able to make a video clip talking directly to your potential clients, we could certainly include that on your site....
TW Management Services - a different sort of site with a lot more graphics than usual. - a local band (local to me, anyway). Book them for your birthday party!