Google Analytics

Once your site is up and running you'll start to wonder how many people are visiting it. How long they spend on the site, where they come from, which pages they look at and so on. The most comprehensive way of gathering this sort of information is via a free service called "Google Analytics" which can tell you all of that and much much more. Setting the system up for most sites can be a pretty tedious - and complex - business but not for a Simple Site! This isn't because of anything clever that I will have done, but because Simple Sites are based on Google Sites technology - you're more than three quarters of the way there already.

Once you've got "ownership" of your site - ie you've paid for it and I've given you the permissions you need to edit it - you can easily set it up Google Analytics on your site yourself. I'm not going to talk you through the process because Google make such a good job of it themselves - you can find the information you need here.

If you'd like me to help you more practically in doing this then I'm happy to do so, but I will need to charge you for that - and there will still be things that you'll need to do yourself. Why not give it a try yourself first?