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From HF & Oscars to X-band! Amateur radio at its best.

The AqrpN consists of a small group of amateur radio friends. It aims to improve its members in amateur radio through self-learning, shared knowledge and special knowledge required for radio communication with little power, battery power and outside of the home. That is, our members are ready to work in a state campaign (supposedly - hihi).
Originally the name was Athens qrp Group, but quickly renamed Athens qrp Net because the word Net (network) represents more our activities, since computers are in full operation during the performance of our amateur radio activity and not only!
Through our activities we try to reach distant contacts in as many frequencies can with less power, to improve the constructions, to grow digital communications, etc.
We prefer working with low power (QRP) because it needs much less energy and radiates very little. Moreover emissions with minimal power lead the hams to continuously improve and increase their knowledge in order to compete with more powerful stations and communicate with distant and qrp stations. Above all, the low power(QRP) marks environmentally friendly emissions, that is the essence of Green Radio.Thats why our motto is:

QRP Radio = GREEN Radio.

Today, mobile phone companies try to follow a similar path. Reducing transmission power have multiple benefits, both in terms of expenditure and in terms of ecology.
We acknowledge as potential radio amateurs all young people currently involved with computers and wireless networks.The installation and operation of wireless networks (AWMN etc.) is very similar like experiments with radios, repeaters, etc.

Please, before decide to operate read the DX Code Of Conduct.

Always listen to the frequencies or look into your waterfalls, you may be lucky enough to chat with AthensQRPNet members!


SV-QRP magazine
The SV-QRP magazine by ATHENSQRPNet is the only qrp magaine in Greece and its free: