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Ilissos River Athens, Mets, Ilissus (Ιλισός).

Ilissos River is one of the little river that cross Athens, this river is very difficult to located because most of it is covered. 
One of the few place you can see it is in the low-part of Mets (close to to the Byzantine chapel of Saint Photeini), a district in the east of Athens.

You will certainly be disappointed if you expect to see a clean and lively river, what remains of the original river look more now as an open air sewer. Difficult to imagine than Before the massive urbanization of Athens Ilissos river was considered as an idyllic place.
Today the river passes under Mesogeion Avenue, Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, it then flows under Theseos Avenue after Kallithea, crosses the district of Neo Faliro, and finally reach the sea.