Squat in Athens (ΚΑΤΑΛΗΨΗ)

-Villa Amalia, Victoria 
Villa Amalia is one of the oldest anarchist squat in Athens. It is located at the corner of the street that goes from Victoria Square to Boulevard Acharnon.
Villa Amalia is currently closed and guarded by police 24h24 to prevent occupants to reoccupy the place. feb 2013
Web site: villa-amalias.blogspot.gr

-Spyridonos Trikoupi, Exarchia 
Spyridonos Trikoupi was located in the street of the same name, in the district of Exarchia. The squat was evicted in 2010.

-VOX, Exarchia 
Located on Exarchia square, VOX was one of the oldest summer cinemas of Athens, in 2012 this former cinema was occupied by leftist and transformed in a social center.

-Squat Lelas Karayianni, Kypseli 
The Squat Lelas Karayianni is the oldest squat in Greece, the place organizes events, including screenings, seminars, collective kitchen, party, creative activity for children.
The Squat is located 37 Lelas Karayianni (close to Amerikis Square).

-Squat Epavli Kouvelou, Maroussi 
This squat is located at Dionysou & Solonos st, in the neighborhood of Maroussi, 5 minutes from the train station, behind the IKA Maroussi, buses from Avenue A7, B7, X14, 550.
Web site: http://epavlikouvelou.squat.gr/

-Squat Skaramaga 
The squat Skaramanga was evacuated in 2011. The building has since been reoccupied by activists.
Address: Odos Patission 61.
Website: http://pat61.squat.gr/

-Squat 'Resalto' 
The squat Resalto is located in the west of Athens, in Keratsini.
Website: http://anarxiko-resalto.blogspot.gr/
Address: Ermou 9 (Tabouria)

-Park Navarinou, Exarchia.
The park of Navarinou was created on the only initiative of the residents from Exarchia. It is built on a site abandoned since many years, this pleasant park has become one of the main place for people to meet, exchange and create in Exarchia.
Many events are held in the park, film screening, theater, children's activities, debates and gardening ...
More than just a park, Navarinou symbolizes the need for a part of the Greek population, who feels stifled by conformity and restrictions, to take its destiny in hand without expecting anything from the state.
Website: http://parkingparko.blogspot.gr/

-Rosanera (Chania, Crete).
If you go to Chania in Crete, you may notice this old building planted at the top of the citadel. This is the anarchist squat 'Rosa Nera'. It is open to the public at night, no need to be an anarchist to enter, you will discover there one of the most friendly and interesting place in Chania.
Rosa Nera organizes exhibitions and discussions, invite musicians, you can also go there just to have a drink.
Website: http://rosanera.squat.gr/