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Coming events

Working it out in Trimble Township

We are building a team of people who are interested in helping their neighbors (and themselves) work through challenging situations.

 We will hold a series of gatherings where we can learn from each other and develop good ways to help people have difficult conversations.

This kind of training is going on in many places around the state – around the world, actually.  It is more fun than you might think – we laugh a lot !!!

People are finding that they can improve their relationships with spouses, in families, with friends and neighbors, with co-workers and supervisors, and even with officials and agencies.

The sessions will be free, thanks to support from Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund and Athens Area Mediation Service.  It usually costs $300.

There is no specific commitment required before participating, but we hope many people will be interested in being part of the team and working together to better their community.

If you choose not to continue that is fine, too.  We hope you’ll use what you learn to help your family and your neighbors anyway.

If you are interested let us know … we will find a time to meet that works for your schedule if we can.

We’ll start the first week of March – hoping the weather is a little more kind by then. 

Vickie Ball-Seiter is helping to organize this. She lives outside of Millfield.

Her phone is 740-856-9093.  Her email is vickie.ball.seiter@gmail.com