Marching Battery Student & Parent - BUGFEST this Saturday

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Last year, our battery was asked to play at BUGFEST - an informative/fun event sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Our performance was a HIT and the audience asked that we perform again this year! 

So…as I knew that our students would be on campus for our 9-9 rehearsal and that there would be many parents around to transport the students and chaperone, I thought, why not?   Plus, all the kids will get a cool tee shirt!  (Deal breaker right there!)

So here’s the deal:

At 2:00pm, our battery will gather in the bandroom to carpool with a few parents to downtown Raleigh.  YES, I’LL NEED SOME PARENTS TO DRIVE☺  You are going to Lot 17, under the Museum of History.  You can access this lot via Wilmington Street, between Edenton and Jones Streets.  You’ll enter on the left.  

Please wear your Blue Marching Tee Shirt…  You can decide whether to wear the BUGFEST tee that you will be given once you arrive.

At 3:00pm you will play cadences—on the march—around the area… There will be folks around to help you.  I will give you the names of contact personnel on Saturday.  Should be fun, easy, and a nice way to show off our program☺

You’ll play for about ½ hour at which time you will load up and return to ADHS.

Depending upon how much work you need to learn on Saturday, you may have to shorten your lunch/ dinner break.  I know that you will do what you need to in order to make everything work—you’re just that good!

Please know that I turn down more offers to perform than I accept.  I just thought that this might be a nice way to break up our day and do something nice for others.  I didn’t want to “bug” you with just another event…☺ 

Thank you for making this work!


After School Rehearsals

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The purpose of this letter is to provide an overview of logistics involved with after-school rehearsals that will begin next Tuesday, August 29.

1) Plan ahead!  Bring a comfortable change of clothes to school, including socks and tennis shoes.  Rehearsals in August and September tend to be warm, so dress accordingly. No matter what the forecast, assume that we will be rehearsing outside.

2) Drink/Eat wisely!  Drink plenty of water throughout the school day and after school (you can carry your water bottle around).  Avoid soda/junk snacks and be sure to eat lunch.  We will be providing students with snacks in the band hall immediately after school so that they will have energy to burn.  Students will also be provided with plenty of water throughout the rehearsal.  Students who drink and eat well throughout the day and dress appropriately for the heat usually do not have a problem.  Parent chaperones are in attendance at every after-school rehearsal to provide added assistance.

3) Be careful where you store your belongings after school.  If possible, keep them with you or store them in your cars.   We will do our best to lock the band room when everyone is outside; however, nothing is totally secure in a public space and you must be smart with regard to items that have exceptional value (cell phones, purses, etc.).

4) Be on time!  After-school rehearsals will start promptly at 3:00pm, usually on our practice field.  If the weather is threatening or inclement, we will meet in the band room.  Students are encouraged to use the time between 2:18 (end of school) and 3:00 to change clothes, grab a snack, check-off music, and visit with other teachers as necessary.

5) Practice will end on time, usually at the practice field or old stadium.  For wind players, Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals will end at 5:30pm; Wednesday rehearsals will end at 5:00pm.  (Percussion and guard will have slightly different schedules that will be communicated ASAP.)  Many parents meet their child(ren) at the field and drive them back up to school to retrieve their book bags, etc.  

6) Marching rehearsals take priority over all other school activities.  If you are part of a group/club that meets after school, you may attend any meeting until 2:50pm at which time you are to come to marching rehearsal.  Please inform your teacher/advisor that you are in the marching band; they will respect your sense of commitment.  Clubs which meet after school on Monday or Friday are usually not a problem.  Regular marching rehearsals end the first week of November.  If you anticipate a serious conflict, please see the band director.

7) All after-school rehearsals are mandatory.  If a student is absent from school or leaves school early, a courtesy email to the band director would be appreciated.  The director reserves the right to withhold a student from performing if material is not learned and/or attendance is poor.  Also, it is expected that if a student is well enough to come to school, he/she is well enough to march.  If this is not the case, a note must be presented from a parent or a doctor.

8) Sectionals.  Student leaders may call after-school sectionals (usually on Mondays or Fridays) to address specific issues or polish music/movement.  Although these sectionals carry less weight than a scheduled full-band rehearsal, students are expected to do their best to honor the request.  If a student cannot attend a sectional due to a previous commitment, job, or large homework load, please provide a note to the section leader.  We have asked our section leaders to be considerate with regard to providing advance notice (usually a week if possible), specifying beginning and ending times, and using sectional time wisely.  It is the responsibility of the student leader to arrange for a parent chaperone or staff member to be on site.

We are off to a terrific start!  We have had a very productive summer, we’ve got over 150 wonderful members, and we’ve got a GREAT SHOW!  Your courtesy in following the aforementioned guidelines will ensure that we will enjoy a productive and rewarding season.


Football Game Logistics 8/31 from Doc

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The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME next Thursday as well as our competition locations this season.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Report to ADHS band room 5:45pm
Warm-up (junior parking lot) 6:00pm
March to stadium 6:30pm
Pregame 6:50pm
Game begins 7:00pm
Halftime Performance @7:50pm
Dismissal (at flagpole near band room) @9:45pm

Students are to wear their UNIFORM TEE SHIRT, shorts (make certain that they are not too short and fit comfortably), socks and tennis shoes.  Students will need their flip folders and lyres; they should also bring a small amount of money for drinks/snacks following their performance. 


September 23 George Washington H.S., Danville, VA
October 7 South Brunswick H.S., Southport, NC
October 21 Clayton H.S., Clayton, NC
October 28 N.W. Guilford H.S., Greensboro, NC
November 4 Scotland H.S., Laurenburg, NC
   …and don’t forget our Outback Bowl performance ☺

Our “fall tour” takes us throughout NC so that we can perform for a wide field of audiences and adjudicators, get adjudicated with different scoring systems, and compete among different bands.  Most importantly, we travel the State because we are the Athens Drive H.S. #1 AMBASSADOR!

Ya Gotta Luv That!  -- “Doc”

Concert Ensemble Overview

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Fall & Spring Semesters, 2017-18

Concert Band
Symphonic Band 
Wind Ensemble 

The following information is intended to provide an overview of each of the concert ensembles offered in our band program.  Please read this document carefully and sign the last page.

Course Descriptions

The Concert Band is open to all students who have successfully completed at least one year of middle school band.  Students who do not meet this criterion should contact the band director to arrange an audition.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  The Concert Band meets every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year. 

The Symphonic Band is the intermediate level band class at Athens Drive, with membership granted by director approval only.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  The Symphonic Band performs a wide variety of literature, from relatively simple standards to works for advanced high school groups.  The Symphonic Band rehearses every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year including State Festival in March and Graduation in June.  

The Wind Ensemble is the most advanced band class at Athens Drive, with membership granted by audition only.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  Students enrolled in this course are encouraged to study privately throughout the year and audition for regional honor bands.  The Wind Ensemble performs a wide variety of literature, from relatively simple standards to works for collegiate ensembles.  The Wind Ensemble rehearses every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year including State Festival in March and Graduation in June.

Each student will be provided music and instructional books.  It is the students’ responsibility to provide instruments in good condition and accessories such as reeds, oils and mutes.  Members are also expected to purchase concert attire; please see the section entitled “Concert Uniform” later in this letter.

Students who will be using a school-owned instrument on a regular basis (percussion, tubas, baritones, etc.) will be assessed a $90 usage fee for each school year (this is in addition to the “fair-share” fee described below).  The entire fee is due Friday, Oct. 27 (end of 1st quarter) and helps defray the cost of regular maintenance on these instruments (e.g., new drum heads, chemical cleaning of brass instruments, replacing pads on woodwind instruments).  Students using these instruments are expected to perform regular maintenance (swab, oil) and store/transport these instruments carefully.  Students will be charged extra for unreturned materials and repair/replacement of equipment due to neglect or damage. 
At the beginning of the school year, students will complete forms releasing the school district from responsibility for securing personal property (individually owned instruments) as well as forms detailing students’ responsibility for securing/maintaining school-owned equipment.

Fair-Share Assessment
In order to cover the expenses necessary to operate a fine concert program, each student is required to contribute a $110 “fair share assessment” for each year of participation ($140 for Wind Ensemble students).  Students who are participating in the band classes for only one semester are required to contribute $55 ($70 for Wind Ensemble students).  The assessment covers the cost of music (including rental fee for band copier), acquisition of school-owned instruments, stipend for guest instructors/clinicians, supplies such as auxiliary percussion, tuners, mutes, special mouthpieces, ligatures, etc.  We receive NO FUNDING from WCPSS for these needs.

The assessment can be paid in two ways:  1) remit the entire amount by Friday, Oct. 27; or 2) remit the one semester fee (above) by Oct. 27 and the remainder by Mar. 23 (end of 3rd quarter).  Checks should be made payable to “ADHS Band Boosters.”  You may also email our booster treasurer at to authorize the deduction of this expense from your band account (applicable to students enrolled in marching band or those working fund-raising events).

Concert Uniform
Concert Band:
-Boys – black shoes, black socks, black dress pants, white button-down shirt.We will LOAN each boy a uniform tie.  The tie will be distributed before each concert and collected immediately afterwards. 
-Girls – black closed-toe shoes, black pants or skirt, white blouse.  All hems and slits must be below the knee when sitting, shoulders must be covered, and only small jewelry may be worn.

Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble:
-Boys – black shoes, black socks, black dress pants, white tux shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie.  A black jacket will be provided by the school for Wind Ensemble students. 
For your convenience, a representative from a local formalwear shop will  be visiting our school during the next few weeks to measure the students for the tux shirt, cummerbund, and bow tie.  The total cost of these items is @$40 and is due upon receipt (early October).  
-Girls – uniform black dress, black closed-toe shoes, small jewelry.  Wind Ensemble students will be provided special jewelry.
For your convenience, new members will be measured for a uniform black dress during the first 3 weeks of school.  The cost of the dress is @$65 and is due upon receipt (early October).  

Students will be inspected before each concert begins for proper attire.  Students who are not dressed appropriately may be denied permission to perform with grade deduction.

GRADING SPECIFICS (see rubric at end of packet)

1) Weekly Grades
Weekly grades will be submitted by each student and posted on electronic grade book based on criteria of attendance and quality of participation.  Please note that 
this grade only provides a general idea of how the student is progressing.  

2) Concert and Dress Rehearsal Attendance
A complete concert schedule is included at the end of this packet and is posted on the website.  It is very important that each family examine the schedule carefully for any serious conflicts and, if necessary notify the director ASAP if such a conflict exists.  Due to the “team-like” nature of our ensembles, the absence of a single member can have a significant adverse effect on the quality of performance.  It may be best to think of the schedule as a “contract” between your family and the school:  You and your child agree to attend all dress rehearsals/performances, and the school agrees to avoid making any changes to the schedule without proper and timely notification.

3) Playing Proficiencies 
Concert Band students will be responsible for “checking off” a given number of scales/exercises/musical selections each quarter.  In addition, each student will get the opportunity to perform for the director at the end of each semester.  Results of check-ups can influence chair placements and leadership positions.
Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students will be responsible for performing in a Chamber Group each quarter as part of their playing proficiency.  Several opportunities will be made available each quarter for students to fulfill this requirement.  Visiting instructors may also assign students etudes/solos, etc. for a grade.

4) Written Assignments/Honors Credit
Concert Band students will be responsible for completing rhythm sheets and other types of written assignments each quarter.  
Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble students will receive a weighted “Honors Credit” each quarter provided they fulfill at least ONE of the following requirements:
a. Participate in an after school or auditioned group that rehearses throughout at least one semester (e.g., Marching Band; Winterguard; Jazz Ensemble; Indoor Percussion; TYP, TYS, TYBB).  Attend a LIVE PERFORMANCE of an approved concert and write a 1 page critique of the event.  Please include program with your submission.
b. Take at least 3 private lessons on their class instrument during the quarter.  A letter must be acquired from the private instructor indicating that satisfactory progress has been made. 
c. Audition and perform in an Honor Band (Central District Honor Band, UNCG Honor Band).

5) Practice Records
Practice outside rehearsals is crucial for musical development.  Students are highly encouraged to block out time each week (daily if possible) to improve their performance.  This type of discipline can be very rewarding if done correctly.  Students will receive points each quarter for submitting a practice record.

6) Extra Credit
Additional credit is awarded for students who take private lessons, participate in an after-school ensemble, an Honors Band, or even a church musical group that performs regularly.  In this way, students are awarded for doing things which promote their overall musicianship and foster good musical instinct.

7) Quarterly Grades
Quarterly grades are determined by the number of points earned for the criteria listed above (#1-6).  At the conclusion of each quarter, students will complete the “Grading Rubric/Contract” which lists the criteria and point values.  (See rubric at end of packet.)

Final Thoughts
We are very fortunate to offer these concert ensembles at Athens Drive.  As each is considered an “elective” and operates as a “team,” students who repeatedly break course policy (making it more difficult for others to learn) will be dismissed.  Thank you for our support and enthusiasm! 

Concert Ensemble Overview 2017-18

Please sign and return by Friday, Sept. 1 acknowledging that you have read the concert ensemble overview and will follow the policies contained within to the best of your ability.  Students must inform the band office immediately if there is a serious conflict with the schedule (printed under separate cover) and/or if there is a problem securing funding for the fair share assessment ($110 Concert Band-Symphonic Band/$140 Wind Ensemble), school instrument usage fee ($90), and/or concert attire.

Student signature ______________________________      

Parent signature _______________________________

Class Band Schedules

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Listed below is the band schedule for the 2017-18 school year, as I understand it:


2nd period block – Symphonic Band

3rd period block – Wind Ensemble

4th period block – Concert Band


1st period block – Wind Ensemble

3rd period block – Concert Band

4th period block – Symphonic Band

A few facts:

  1. The schedule is built by our administrative team and is analogous to a giant puzzle.  I know that they do their very best in trying to accommodate as many students as possible.
  2. Please be politely proactive in approaching counselors to adjust schedules.   It has been my experience that most schedules can be changed to accommodate a band class.  It is helpful if one of the parents is involved in this process.
  3. I am so grateful to all of our families for supporting this outstanding program!  If we did not maintain a vibrant, outstanding concert band program, our overall band would suffer in a significant manner!  Remember, the concert band program—as well as our Winterguard and Indooor Percussion ensembles—comprise the “core” of our overall program.  Like the inner tube of a tire, if these programs are not strong, the outer coating—the marching band—would significantly diminish in quality.
  4. We will always put 110% effort into all of our programs!  Our concert ensembles are among the finest in the nation!  Throughout each semester, our students receive training from many music professionals (including members of the NC Symphony), we perform the greatest works in our literature, and we teach the students extra-musical lessons such as character and leadership education!  Some courses teach students how to make a living, we teach students HOW TO LIVE!
  5. I realize that tough decisions often have to be made in order to keep students in the band.  After having taught 30 years and raising 2 children within our program I strongly believe in the following:
  1. Students should have a challenging schedule;however the schedule should be “balanced” allowing some breathing room. 
  2. Students do not have to take every AP course to be successful in life or get into a fine university.  Colleges like to see an extra-curricular “lifeline” as well as strong courses.
  3. Many courses offered in high school can be taken in college! 
  4. Once you finish High School Band, you’re done.  You can NEVER relive this experience.  This is why I love teaching HIGH SCHOOL BAND! It is a special culture that provides community, family, a sense of structure, etc.  It’s a bit like “Toyland” -once you’re done, you can never return again… (unless you become a band director!)
  1. In many circumstances, I will allow a student to take ANY BAND CLASS if their schedule does not allow them to take the one that is most suited for them.  I would rather them play in a band each semester than take a semester or two off.  And it has been my experience that students who do not take a band class really do not practice much outside of the experience.  And I lose that contact with them as well.

Finally, many counselors/teachers, etc. mean well when advising your child as to what classes to take; however, you must make the ultimate decisions.  When BAND is consistently chosen over other subjects, people get the message… and other course schedules can be changed.  It is a bit like the economy—if you stop shopping at a certain store, that store will either need to make a change or go out of business!

I thank you for protecting this very fine program!  It is a “jewel” in our school and I believe it is an integral part of what makes Athens Drive so special.  It is up to all of us to continue to make it shine!



Freshman Orientation Pep Rally

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THURSDAY, AUG. 17, 11:30-12:30


We have been asked to provide a pep band for the conclusion of the freshman orientation session on Aug. 17th.


All seniors, juniors and section leaders - winds and percussion; guard is invited as well☺


From noon-12:20, we play a bunch of pep-tunz for our freshman class… we are expecting over 400 students!  We’ll teach them our “Fight Song” and other stand tunes (like the “Hey Song”).


Blue and orange!  You can wear your new band tee as well!


You are worth what you give away!  We get the appreciation of our administration (who do a lot of “behind the scenes” advocating for us); we get noticed by our new freshman class whom we are still trying to recruit into our program; we get that warm-fuzzy feeling knowing that we are making a difference to the quality of life at Athens Drive!


Just sign up on the white board in the band room



Concert Schedule 2017-18

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WE = Wind Ensemble; SB = Symphonic Band; CB = Concert Band

Required Events

“Fall Quarter”

Wed., Oct. 11 6:00-9:00pm Dress Rehearsal (WE/SB)
Thurs., Oct. 12 7:00pm Chamber Concert (WE/SB)
Wed., Nov. 8 3:00-5:00pm SB Dress Rehearsal
7:00-9:00pm WE Dress Rehearsal
Thurs. Nov. 9 7:00pm Fall Concert (SB/WE)

“Holiday Quarter”

Wed., Dec. 13 2:45-4:00pm CB Dress Rehearsal
4:15-5:45pm SB Dress Rehearsal
7:00-9:00pm WE Dress Rehearsal
Thurs., Dec. 14 7:00pm Holiday Concert (CB, SB, WE)

“Festival Quarter”

Wed., Mar. 7 3:00-5:00pm CB Dress Rehearsal
Thurs., Mar. 8         7:00pm Festival Concert I (CB, Jazz)
Wed., Mar. 14 3:00-5:00pm SB Dress Rehearsal
7:00-9:00pm WE Dress Rehearsal
Thurs., Mar. 15 7:00pm Festival Concert II (SB, WE)
Mon., Mar. 19         TBA State Band Festival (WE) at Apex Friendship H.S
Tues., Mar. 20         TBA State Band Festival (SB) at Apex Friendship H.S.

“Spring Quarter”

Sun., Apr. 22 7:30pm Cary Music Festival at Koka Booth (WE)
Wed., May 9 3:00-5:00pm CB Dress Rehearsal 
Thurs., May 10 7:00pmSpring Concert I (CB/Jazz)
Mon., May 21 3:00-5:00pm SB Dress Rehearsal
7:00-9:00pm WE Dress Rehearsal
Tues., May 22         7:00pm Spring Concert II (SB/WE)
Sun., June 3 1:30-5:00pm Spring Banquet
TBA         TBA Graduation (WE, SB)

Optional Events

Jan. 6 TBA Central District Honor Band Auditions (Cary H.S.)
Jan. 26-27 TBA Central District Honor Band (site TBA)
Feb. 15-17 TBA UNCG Honor Band Clinic
Mar. 3 TBA All-State Band Auditions (Central Davidson H.S.)
Apr. 19-21 TBA ADHS School Musical
May 4-6 TBA All-State Band (UNC-Chapel Hill)


Welcome to the 2017 ADHS Marching Band Season

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Dear 2017 ADHS Marching Band member and parent, 

I just wanted to take a moment to officially WELCOME you to the 2017 Athens Drive High School Marching Band!  For those of you new to our organization, I want to CONGRATULATE you on making such a wonderful decision.  The Marching Band is the LARGEST organized group at Athens Drive and its #1 ambassador.  Most importantly, the Marching Band is an absolutely awesome FAMILY of musicians who share a passion for visual and musical performance.

I am excited to share with you that this year’s band will be among the largest in our school’s history totaling 154 members:  63 woodwinds; 49 brass; 19 guard; 21 percussion; and 2 drum majors.   I have attached our current roster and our summer/fall schedule, which is the same schedule that was released a few weeks ago.  Please contact the band office ASAP if there is a serious conflict with any of these dates!  As you can see from the roster, we still have 3 openings - one in woodwinds and two in brass.  First come, first serve!

During the next several weeks the staff will be busy preparing for our upcoming season.  We will be charting choreography, writing music, ordering equipment, and planning performances - INCLUDING OUR OUTBACK BOWL TRIP TO TAMPA, FLORIDA AT THE END OF THIS YEAR!!!  It is hoped that you will enjoy this time to relax and recharge.  If possible, try to maintain your “chops” by practicing regularly.  For students who need a school instrument, our section leaders will be contacting you to arrange delivery/pick-up.  Summer is also an excellent time to take private lessons in order to make greater progress on everything from tone production to music reading.  

I can promise you that one of the BEST EXPERIENCES OF YOUR LIFE is just around the corner.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; I try to stay current with email and will be in-and-out of school fairly regularly over the next 6 weeks.  We look forward to seeing all of you late July!

Athens Drive High School Marching Band 2017 Schedule

posted May 25, 2017, 12:52 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated May 25, 2017, 12:52 PM ]

(All events at ADHS unless otherwise noted.) 


July 24-27                         Precamp                                               6:30pm-10:00pm

July 30-Aug. 4                   Bandcamp (N.C. Wesleyan)                TBA

Aug. 8-10; 15-17, 22-24    Postcamp                                             6:30pm-10:00pm

“Fall-Pt. 1”

Aug. 29                             First After-School Rehearsal                3:00-5:30pm

Aug. 31                             Football Game (vs. Knightdale)            6:00-10:00pm

Sept. 15                            Football Game (vs. Apex Friendship)   6:00-10:00pm

Sept. 16                            Saturday Rehearsal9:00am-9:00pm

Sept. 22                            Football Game (vs. West Johnston)      6:00-10:00pm

Sept. 23                            Competition #1                                      TBA

Oct. 6                           Football Game (vs. Jordan)                  6:00-10:00pm

Oct. 7                           Competition #2                                     TBA

“Fall-Pt. 2”

Oct. 21                                Competition #3                                    TBA

Oct. 27                                Football Game (vs. Panther Creek)    6:00-10:00pm

Oct. 28                                Competition #4                                    TBA

Nov. 3                                  Football Game (vs. Riverside)            6:00-10:00pm

Nov. 4                             Competition #5                                    TBA

 “Fall-Pt. 3”

[Nov. 10                            Playoff Football Game?                        TBA]

Nov. 14 & 16                     Christmas Parade Rehearsals              3:00-5:00pm

[Nov. 17                            Playoff Football Game?                         TBA]

Nov. 18                             Raleigh Christmas Parade                     8:00am-noon

                                          Marching Band Banquet                        1:30-4:30pm

Dec. 2                                Apex Christmas Parade                        3:00-7:00pm

Dec. 9                                Cary Christmas Parade                        Noon-4:30pm

“Fall-Pt 4—Outback Bowl”

*Nov. 28; Dec. 5, 12, 18     After school rehearsals                        3:00-5:30pm

*Dec. 28                               Rehearsal                                           TBA


* Rehearsals for the Outback Bowl are tentative.  I will learn what days will work best with the majority of students and amend the schedule as needed.  

After School Rehearsal Schedule (8/29-11/2)

Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-5:30pm; Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm

(Guard & Percussion may differ slightly due to instructor availability.  Rehearsal schedule for these groups will be provided ASAP.)

SAT Dates:  Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2

Students may sign up to take the SAT on any of these dates.  The competitions scheduled for 

Oct. 7 and Nov. 4th will be held in the evening; the Apex Parade on Dec. 2 is also held in the evening.

Please email the director if there is a serious conflict with any of the above dates!


Graduation Band logistics and roster

posted May 23, 2017, 5:32 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated May 23, 2017, 5:32 PM ]

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our performance at GRADUATION as well as a few other end-of-year events. 

(Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band)
Friday, June 2nd, 2:45-4:00pm
  • This is the ONLY time that we can put the two ensembles together to rehearse our graduation performance the following weekend.  Please make every effort to attend; however, I realize the “last minute” notice of this request and if you cannot attend due to a pre-existing commitment that cannot be changed, please provide written notification.

Convention Center, Raleigh, NC
Saturday, June 10

Report to ADHS (in concert attire) 6:15am
(group meeting, load busses)
Depart for Convention Center 6:30pm
(via activity busses)
Prelude music begins 7:40am
Graduation ceremony begins 8:00am
Graduation concludes 9:15am
Depart for ADHS 9:30am
Arrive ADHS 10:00am

The Graduation performance is mandatory (a major portion of the exam) for most Symphonic Band members and all junior/sophomore Wind Ensemble members.  DRESS IS FORMAL:  Guys in tuxedos (no jackets); girls in black dresses. 

All school-owned instruments, mouthpieces, and other equipment must be returned to ADHS after graduation unless previous arrangements have been made with me or the new marching band section leaders.
Two more items:
  1. All students intending to participate in the 2017 Marching Band must COMPLETE THE ONLINE INTENT FORM by Friday, June 2nd.
  2. Our annual Spring Band Banquet will be Sunday, June 4 from 1-4:30pm.  All students who have performed in the class bands, winterguard, indoor percussion, and jazz ensemble will be recognized.  We will also honor all graduating seniors.  The banquet will conclude with an amazing slide show highlighting events from the entire year!!!
Thank you for everything that you have done to make this past year so successful!  To our graduating seniors - best wishes and “ya’ll come back and see us soon!”  To everyone else - have fun, get some rest, and don’t forget how to toot that horn, hit that drum, or spin that flag!  See most of you July 24th!

Graduation Band Personnel
Saturday, June 10, 2017; 8:00am
Raleigh Convention Center

Martin Altman-S
Denise Bahena-Bustos-S
Emily Brittain-J
Kayla Freeman-J
Julia Hader-J
Grace Herring-S
Connelly Huter-J
Tivonna Lee-S
Geoffrey Luu-J
Sophia Morris-J
Savannah Strickland-S

Kaylin McClafferty-S

Bryan Benson-J
Erin Clark-S

Emily Benson-J
Savannah Flowers-S
Caison Gray-S
Madison Haithcock-S
Kelsey Herbst-J
Karla Montes-J
Elizabeth Ortez-S
Danielle Puccio-S
Lauren Rusnak-S
Anna Vtipil-F
Alyssa Wood-J
Sofie Yingling-S

Bass Clarinet
Ashley Hamrick-J
Patrick Worden-S

Alto Saxophones 
Caroline Al-Masri-F
Edward Bynum-J
Albert Choi-S
Matthew Parker-S
Jason Phillips-J
Wesley Reagan-J
Maxwell Riach-S
Preston Sims-S
Cooper Sykes-F
Addison Young-J

Tenor Sax
Andrew Chiavacci-S
Sydney Earp-S
Sean Thornton-S
Jacob Younce-J

Baritone Sax
Kat Fox-J
Tom Nixon-F
Jordan Page-J
Maciej Pruchnik-S

Daniel Baldwin-F
Robert Bennett-J
Ian Chang-F
Jacob Elder-S
Nick Grothmann-S
Joe Howard-S
Jenny Hutchinson-S
Harrison Rose-J
Austin Shoaf-J
Alison Starling-F
Brian Suh-S
Tyrone Williamson-S
Zackary Zeplin-J

French Horn
Raney Allen-J
Kathryn Chetwynd-F
Jenna Crumpler-S
Derek Geiger-F
Salah Haddad-S
Kristina Rozakis-S
Emily Williams-J

Mason Burroughs-S
Franklin Lloyd-J
Christopher Luzzi-S
Keaton Moore-S
Malakhi Smith-J

Julia Kocsis-J
Jordan Walker-S
Gillian Wright-S

Kevin Day-J
Nicki Lyles-S
Kate Swirski-J
Matt Tripp-F

Chris Alcorn-J
Mitchell Brackett-S
David Callaghan-J
Jericho Canon-S
Lucas Dingman-J
Hannah Gillespie-S
Matthew Lyles-J
Eric Skinner-J
Ben Wakeford-S


Dr. Jerry Markoch
Director of Bands
Athens Drive High School
1420 Athens Drive, Raleigh, NC  27606

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