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Snacks and Drinks Collection Information & Request

posted Aug 13, 2016, 9:16 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 13, 2016, 9:16 PM ]
The Meals and Snacks Committee provides snacks and water to all band members at after school practices and serves a meal, snacks and drinks at competitions.  This happens by collecting snacks, bottled water or Gatorade and cans of soda from you, the families, during the marching band season.  
Here’s what you should bring:
Please make sure all snacks are single-serving packaged.
Junior and Senior Families**
  • 1 case (24 bottles or greater) of 16 oz bottled water, and
  • 1 box of snacks (24 count or greater), and
  • Suggestions: Nutri-Grain bars, protein bars, energy bars, power bars, Nutri-Grain Harvest Fruit and Oat bars, Chewy (not crunchy) granola bars, nuts, fruit rollups/chews or trail mix
  • 1 box of crackers (24 count or greater)
  • Suggestions:  Goldfish, Cheese-Its, Cheese Nips Party Mix, or any cheese Nabs*.
*We’ve observed that the kids don’t like Nabs-type peanut butter with cheese crackers after the first few weeks of practice.  
Freshman and Sophomore Band Families**
  • 1 case (24 bottles or greater) of 16 oz bottled water or Gatorade (8 or 12 pack) or sodas (12 pack),  and
  • (Special treat at some competitions: Gatorade and sodas are for dinner. The kids really appreciate it.)
  • 1 box of salty snacks or chips (20 count or greater), and
  • Suggestions: chips, pretzels, Doritos, Cheese Doodles, popcorn bags, or nuts. Chips will be served with subs at some competitions.
  • 1 box of sweet snacks or chips (24 count or greater) - Rice Krispie treats, fruit rollups/chews or any type of cookies
**If your child has an allergy and requires a specific type of snack, please send an allergy appropriate snack instead of the items above labelled with the student's name.  Please, this is ONLY for an allergy.  We will keep these snacks in a special container in Doc’s office for your student.   
Helpful Information
  • Buy in bulk!  Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Costco - all are great!
  • Please consider gluten free and peanut free options.
  • At each practice, musicians need to bring refillable bottles labelled with their names so the chaperones can keep their water bottles filled for each break.
  • We are asking each family to bring drinks because we use 600 drinks at each competition! 
  • Competition dates are  Sept. 24, Oct. 1, Oct. 15, Oct. 22, and Oct. 29.

Donation collection times are the second and third post camp weeks (8/16-8/18 and 8/23-8/25) at student drop-off.  We will be at a table curbside to collect your donations.  If you need an alternate time or day, please contact us to arrange it.
Thank you so much for helping us feed our band!  We hope you continue to have a safe and fun summer vacation.
Best regards,
Karen Chiavacci and Jane Dunbar,
Meals and Snacks Committee Chairs