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Mattress Sale: Ways You Can Help Spread the Word!

posted Oct 30, 2017, 4:56 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 4:56 PM ]
The mattress sale is a unique fundraiser. We need very little labor help on the day of the event, but we need LOTS of people talking about the sale between now and November 11th!  
The success of the band’s mattress sale relies on Word-of-Mouth exposure -- that means you!
We don’t need you to buy a mattress (although there are some great deals and you’ll love your mattress!) but we do need you to TALK about mattresses to your neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers! Tell them about the Athens Drive Mattress Sale for a stress-free, no pressure option to their mattress shopping.

  • Student Money: Individual students can earn $25-$50 cash for each mattress sale made as a result of their direct referral.
  • Band Money: The Band earns money for each mattress sold as a direct referral from any Band families. Proceeds will support our trip to the OUTBACK BOWL! 
  • Extra Bonus Money: Seven clubs at Athens participate in the mattress sale and will share in bonus money proportional to their number of referrals. The more mattresses we sell as a school, the bigger the bonus potential.
  • Just spread the word! All you have to do is tell your neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers about the sale! 1 in 10 people is in the market for a new mattress right now!
  • Flyers w/Free Set of Sheets Coupon --  Please write your student’s name on each flyer they hand out so they can get credit for their referral! This year the flyers have a coupon for FREE SHEETS with every mattress. Students can get flyers from Doc’s office or at the student meeting on Thursday. You can also send the downloadable flyer (on the website at https://goo.gl/9o3Gb1).
  • Pass out flyers -- At work, in your neighborhood mailboxes, other schools, at your kid’s extracurricular activities,…
  • Posters -- Available in Doc’s office. Put them up at work! 
  • Yard Signs -- Put them up in your neighborhood. We’ll provide as many as you’d like! These will be available after practice on Thursday, 11/2, and in Doc’s office for pick up.
  • Facebook -- Post the information to your facebook page. Share the Band’s posts from Facebook. Ask people to “share.” Here’s the link to the Facebook Event: https://goo.gl/m39wcK.
  • Twitter -- Tweet to your followers. The band will be tweeting. Please re-tweet!
  • Instagram -- Be creative, have fun, and share with your followers!
  • Video -- Share this 1-minute video explaining the sale:  https://www.customfundraisingsolutions.com/why-the-mattress-fundraiser and here’s a video about Custom Fundraising Solutions: https://www.customfundraisingsolutions.com/
  • Text Your Phone Contacts -- Send a text to your telephone contacts with a picture image of your flyer with your student’s name on it. They can show that on the day of the sale.
  • Email -- Send an announcement and flyer to your email contacts. Or post to your neighborhood email list group. 
  • Testimonials -- Check out the link to the list of Testimonials from past customers from the Athens Drive Sale and share:  https://goo.gl/9o3Gb1.
  • Snail mail -- it still exists and it’s still effective! Mail out flyers with your student's name on them.
  • The sky’s the limit -- be creative!
We’re here to help! Let us know what you need.
Angela Tripp & Leigh Ann Brain
Mattress Sale Co-Chairs - Please reply to mattress@athensdriveband.com.