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Mattress Sale - We Need You!

posted Nov 2, 2016, 6:06 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 6:06 PM ]

It’s our 4th annual Mattress Sale, but the 1st time ever to combine efforts with the Band, Jag Club, Chorus, Theater, Orchestra, Fine Arts and PTSA to sell Mattresses!

Our goal is to sell 100 mattresses which will earn us a bonus of $5000 (which we would share proportionately based on how much each group sells), plus $50 to $125 per mattress, plus incentives for the students of $25 per mattress for the first 2, and $50 each for the 3rd and beyond! Just put your student’s name on the coupon/flyer and give it to everyone you know in the market for a mattress!
That means we could share a profit of $20,000 in one day! 


Advertise for us! 

Remember that the most effective way to sell mattresses is by personally talking to friends and family and getting those that are in the market for a mattress to come to our sale before buying anywhere else. Once they see the quality of the mattresses and the prices, 90% buy a mattress! Even encourage them to check out the mattress stores first. They will be delighted with our products and our service! 

We have a fun ecard from our principal, Stephen Mares, that can be emailed or texted to all of your contacts. Here is the link to it: 

We also have an ecard from Doc! A Simple Way to Spread the Word
Don’t forget to include the electronic flyer with your student’s name on it!  There are hard copies of these in the band room, along with posters and Yard Signs! Put one in your yard and neighborhood! Access and print the flyer here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw_ua19sDmAgenRBRXJKU216dk0/view?usp=sharing

Carpool Line: The week of the sale (next week) we have students in mattress costumes out in the carpool line in the mornings and afternoons waving mattress signs, and passing out flyers. Please have your students help with this! Just go to Doc in the morning/afternoon and borrow a costume and signs and flyers and return them when done! It’s fun to do with friends! 

Sign up to help on November 12:  We need at least 2 adults and 10 students to help on November 12 from 10am to 6pm. Volunteering on the day of the sale is simple and fun. Adults are greeters and chaperones for the kids. Doc will be driving the kids around in the mini bus and dropping them at corner locations (with a chaperone) to attract attention and business. Our kids play their instruments, wear mattress costumes and basically clown around! 

Go to the band website and click on the big orange volunteer button, then click on Mattress Sale Signups. Or click on this link: 

Family and friends in other towns, cities and states can buy a mattress and Athens can get the credit! Just email us and we can check if there is delivery to your area! They can try out the mattress at a local school sale near them. We all need mattresses at one time or another! Let’s help Athens benefit from what we all need anyway! 

Thanks for supporting the mattress sale! 
Aleece Spalding and Angela Tripp