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Fruit and Nuts and Treats, Oh My!

posted Oct 31, 2017, 1:37 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Oct 31, 2017, 1:37 PM ]
The Fruit and Nut sales are well underway. THANK YOU to everyone who has shared the flyers with family and friends.  If you have not seen a packet come home, please ask your student to pick it up.   For those families not wishing to participate, we ask for you to please hand in your packet and write “not interested” on the outside. This helps us keep track of all the paperwork. 
We thank you for supporting the band by sharing the flyers and collecting orders.  Typically, this fundraiser does very well and sells itself, because so many people enjoy the fruit and nuts during the holidays. In case you are asked:  Fruit is coming from all over the United States.  With the hurricanes and fires, the Florida Farm Bureau has located additional locations to fill orders.
Order forms are due Monday, November 13. Additional order forms can be found in the drop-off box in the band room. The drop-off box is located at the front of Doc's classroom. 
We have had a few questions about payment: we try to only except checks. This helps keep everyone safe.  If you can write a check for any cash received (from a neighbor or friend who only has cash), that would be greatly appreciated.  If you collect cash (and do not want to write a check), please put the money in a separate envelope with the buyers’ name on the outside.  Use a separate envelope for each buyer paying with cash. This will help us keep track of the orders and payments.  We never want to turn an order away. 
Fruit and Nuts will be delivered on Friday, December 8, and can be picked up after 2:30 PM that day.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at fruit@athensdriveband.com
Thank you for your support and participation!
Laura and Jennifer