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BBQ-ties, we need you!

posted Apr 6, 2017, 6:02 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 6:03 AM ]
Happy Spring!

Our Spring BBQ is closing in quickly and the time to sign-up is NOW. We'll need our lovely BBQ-ties to start handing out flyers next week - we know it's Spring Break, and if you're in town we really do need you. With Spring Break in the middle of it all we also ask for flyers to be passed out the next week (week before BBQ). 

The sign-up is here:  http://signup.com/go/vQ3YQ4. You may pick any day that week during business hours and pass out flyers for about 2 hours or less in your designated area. This job is KEY for our BBQ. We can't have a BBQ without you!
You may print the flyer or we can print some for you to pick up. Flyers and order forms can be found on the Band website's BBQ page here.
Let's make this Spring BBQ 2017 a huge success for our band!

Thank you,
The BBQ Team
Replies & questions to bbq@athensdriveband.com