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Band Moms Gone Wild!

posted Aug 28, 2017, 6:40 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 28, 2017, 6:41 AM ]
Back by popular demand, the Band Moms Gone Wild! dance team will be showing our enthusiasm for our marching band by joining the flutes and piccolos in the Apache dance again this season.  We had excellent participation last year and it was tremendous fun.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this tradition, the band plays  Apache (Jump on It) by The Sugarhill Gang as a pep tune during football games while the flutes and piccolos dance in front of the band.  Last year a dozen brave and adventurous moms formed a dance line in front of the Band Fan zone to the delight and amusement of everyone!  Siblings, dads, and other Band Fans are welcome to participate!

1.       Gee, this sounds like fun but I don’t know the song or the dance.  How can I find out more?

The dance steps are very simple and we have a video of the flutes dancing last year.  If you are interested, please email Jill Huter for an explanation of the dance steps and a Dropbox link for the video. 

2.       When will we dance?

The band typically plays the song once during the game.  BMGW scouts will be on the lookout for cues when the band is about to play and will gather the dancers.

3.       Are there practice sessions?

We can organize practice sessions on game nights behind the band section of the stands. 

4.       Won’t my son/daughter be embarrassed by my behavior?

Probably. However, in about 10 years they will look back at this with amusement and relay the story to your grandchildren. 

5.       Is there a dance costume?

Sadly, no.  However, the season is still young and some flamboyant ideas may be forthcoming.
Thank you,
Jill Huter