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Appalachian Competition - IMPORTANT DETAILS - PLEASE READ

posted Oct 25, 2016, 5:36 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Oct 25, 2016, 5:38 PM ]
Our band is truly amazing!  We hope you got to experience the joy of the Grand Champion performance this weekend or got to see them at our last home football game!  There’s only one more opportunity to see the Marching Band perform the Wizards and Warlocks show - Saturday, October 29 at Appalachian State University!  We are one of 5 bands performing in our class and the stadium is much higher than others so the view of the show should be fantastic!  You don’t want to miss it! 


For this performance, there are a few IMPORTANT DETAILS.  Please read this entire email!


-  STUDENT BUS SIGN UPS:  Since we are taking 3 charter buses, students will be signing up for buses this week by seniority (Monday-Seniors, Tuesday-Juniors, etc.)  Bus seating charts are posted on the band room white board.


-  STUDENT BUS INTENT:  Many band families are taking advantage of the beautiful weekend and staying with their band student in the Boone area.  Students need to indicate on the sign up sheets on the band room white board “YES/NO, ride the bus TO Appalachian” as well as “YES/NO, ride the bus FROM Appalachian”.  EVERY STUDENT should indicate their plan on this form by the end of marching practice on THURSDAY!  We want to make sure we know who should/shouldn’t be on the buses each way and we want to be able to make every bus seat possible available to parent volunteers to minimize the number of drivers we have on the road for this long adventure. 


-  STUDENTS RIDING ONE WAY:  If your student is riding the bus ONE WAY, please let us know the specifics of your plan (when we will meet your student; pick up details, etc.) by emailing president@athensdriveband.com.  Make sure your student has a plan for his instrument.


-  UNIFORMS:  Please, leave your student’s uniform at school this week.  The uniform committee will make sure ALL uniforms and hats are taken to the competition.  Marching shoes, gloves, black socks, wrist guards, and other necessities should be in the uniform bag or hat box. 


-  RIDE SHARE PROGRAM:  It’s a season of many firsts and this is another.  We’re starting a program that we hope to continue for future competitions.  If you can give a ride or, if you need a ride, we’re going to try to match you through the “Ride Share Program”.  If you would like to participate in the Ride Share Program as a Driver or a Rider, please email president@athensdriveband.comIn your email, include:  

Name; Cell phone number;  Do you intend to be a Driver (include how many seats will be available) or a Rider (include how many seats you will need).  

Michael will pair up as many people as possible so that we limit the number of families on the road!  The Ride Share Program will also be a fun way to travel, meet new families and get to know each other!  If you are a rider, just be sure to offer your driver some compensation as a “thank you”!  Here’s the “standard” Ride Share Schedule (any other schedules are up to coordinating between Drivers and Riders):
    10:00 am    Meet in Athens Senior Lot
    10:20 am    Depart Athens
    2:20 pm    Arrive ASU, watch 3A/4A bands, eat dinner at concessions
    7:10 pm    ADHS Performance (5 bands in our class and we are #3)
    8:30 pm    Awards Ceremony
    10:00 pm    Est. Depart ASU
    2:00 am    Est. Arrive at Athens


-  BUS SEATS:  Based on the commitments we receive by THURSDAY afternoon by 3:00pm, students will have a seat on the bus.  In addition, bus seats will also be available for signed up Chaperones (winds, guard, percussion, medical, uniforms, meals/snacks, presidents), SmugMug and Pit Crew (3).  Once we know the plans of our students, bus seats will be offered to the remaining working Pit Crew members.  If additional seats are available once all volunteers have been offered seats, spectating parents will be offered seats (we are not anticipating seats for spectator parents at this time but won’t know for sure until Friday at the earliest.)


-  MONEY:  Since we will be eating concessions for the afternoon (the boosters will provide dinner for students AFTER the awards around 9:30pm), be sure to send your student with some money for a lunch and snacks for the bus so they can fuel themselves for the day until 9:30 pm.


-  ATTIRE:  It will be a chilly afternoon, especially since we will just be sitting in the stands, so be sure to dress warmly and in layers.   Hand warmers and hats are also recommended.  Although the temperature won’t be too cool, it will be much cooler sitting still on metal bleachers in a stadium.  Warm, closed toed shoes (not sandals) are also recommended. 


-  MEDICAL:  The higher altitude may also affect some students so be sure they crry an inhaler with them at all times, if they have one. 


-  PICK UP:  We will send a message through Remind once the buses are rolling from App. with our expected arrival time (current expected arrival is 2:30am).  Please be at school promptly for pick up at the expected arrival time.  All your chaperones will also be tired and ready to go home.  If you haven’t been receiving the Remind messages with our expected arrival time, please sign up to use Remind. (to do this - please send an email to remind@athensdriveband.com with your cell phone number, your first and last name, the band section you are a member of and your role as student or parent of student’s name.) 
It’s our last competition together as a band this year!  Turn the stadium Athens Drive Blue - Go Jaguars!!  Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to email us if your student is only riding the bus one way or not at all.
Thank you.
Susan and Suzanne