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          Contra Dancing in Athens, Ohio.            All dances will be held at ARTS/West!                

Next Dance:
Mayapple Stomp
May 21-22, 2016
Izzak Walton Lodge, Logan OH
Join us on the shores of Lake Logan for great dancing, wonderful music, friendship and yummy food!  Everyone's welcome at this dance event that is co-sponsored by the Athens and Columbus contra dance groups.  There are waltz and square dance workshops on Saturday afternoon, followed by a potluck dinner and an evening of contra dancing.  Overnight camping is available on site with breakfast served Sunday morning.  You are welcome to come to any or all events.  All the details are on the event website  Send any questions to

What is contra dancing?

In short, it's a type of American folk dance, somewhat similar to squaredance, but done in facing parallel lines. (It is not line dancing, however!) All dances are taught first, and prompted by a caller as needed. 

Contradancing is easy to learn, aerobic, and always uses live music, generally based on oldtime and Celtic fiddle tunes. Anyone may attend a dance, there is no club membership required. In this dance tradition, partners generally change for each dance, so if you arrive solo, it's no problem. Dress in comfy clothes and shoes.

Here's a great descriptive essay on contradance

There is also a nice video.

Can't get enough contradancing to suit you? Check out these other regional dances:

Friday Night Contra Dances:

8:00 to 11:00 pm with a
Beginners Lesson at 7:30

No Experience Needed
No Partner Needed
Everyone is Welcome

Beginners are always welcome.
We encourage you to take part in the beginner's lesson at 7:30.

The cost is $7 for adults, $3 for students, $15 for families,
children 10 and under free.

Sunday Afternoon Family Dances


No Experience Needed
No Partner Needed
Everyone is Welcome

Bring the whole family for an afternoon of dancing and music.
This event will have kids and adults dancing together to live music.
No experience needed. All dances will be taught.

Drop in any time. Admission by donation.
Suggested donation $3/dancer.
More details on our Family Dance Page.

2015-2106 Schedule

Fall Contra Dances 2015 - 3rd Fridays

September 18 - Frank Buschelman calling with The Boys of the Hock

October 16 - Kate Power calling with The Boys of the Hock

November 20
- Carol Kopp calling with The Wireless Ramblers

December 18- Adriane Mohlenkamp calling with
                        The Back Porch Swing Band

Fall Family Dances 2015 - 1st Sundays

November 1 - Music by The Wireless Ramblers

December 6 - Music by The Wireless Ramblers

Spring Contra Dances 2016 - 2nd Fridays

January 8 - Steve Ballman calling with The Boys of the Hock

February 12 - Richard Ades calling with Zeke's Fancy

March 11 - Adriane Mohlenkamp calling with The Wireless Ramblers

April 8 - Clinton Ross calling with Zeke's Fancy

Spring Family Dances 2015 - 1st Sundays

January 3 - Music by the Wireless Ramblers

February 7 - Music by Liz and Lynn Shaw and the Thrashers

Mayapple Stomp on May 21-22, 2016 in Logan, OH. Details coming soon.

 Directions to our dances!
For previous dances, see our archives.

photo above: board members and friends of SEOTDS meet on the shore of Lake Logan during the annual Mayapple Stomp. (Please note that no Mayapples have been harmed in the15 years we have co-hosted this mini all-volunteer dance weekend! )

Need more info?  Call Adriane Mohlenkamp at  740-590-4102 or email athenscontradance (at) gmail (dot) com.

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