WEDNESDAY  21  NOVEMBER  2012

                         Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka

House of the Dance, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens
Tel. (30) 210 324 4395, 210 324 6188, 210 921 2866, 210 921 4650 ; fax (30) 210 324 6921 -


10:00-17:00  Recovery of identification badge (required at entrances), dancer's bag with

                    program, posters, maps, gifts and other material.


                    Guided visit the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre traditional costumes collection

                    Check-in at hotels.



20:00  Declaration of the official opening and salutes

           Mr. Alkis Raftis, Chairman of the Congress



21:00  Evening with live Greek music and dance




                    THURSDAY  22  NOVEMBER  2012



LECTURE HALL   Royal Olympic Hotel


Chair:  Ms. Dr. France Schott- Billmann (France), Mr. Dr. Richard Coaten (U.K.), Mr. Dr. Bernhard Weiser

           (Austria), Ms. Dr. Faye Soukou (Greece),


Ms. Judith Spanglet (Israel): When Body and Faith Dance Together – Embodied Faith

           and Spirituality – Integrating Faith with the STREAM DMT Approach and Somatic Experiencing® for

           Coping with Stress and Trauma

10:00  Ms. Dr. Hilda Wengrower (Israel): Combining Dionysian and Apollonian modes in

            the education of dance movement therapy students.

10:20  Ms. Dr. France Schott-Billmann (France): Entre chamanisme et thérapie moderne : la


10:40  Ms. Montserrat Iranzo i Domingo (Spain): Danzaterapia y violencia de género

11:00  Ms. Natalya Mogolivets (Ukraine): Dance Style Therapy

11:20  Ms. Dr. Faye Soukou (Greece): Immune system and dance - is the a connection?

11:40  Mr. Dr. Richard Coaten (U.K.): Revisioning dementia care through embodied practices

           including Dance Movement Psychotherapy, a small quantitative and qualitative study

           in the National Health Service (UK)

12:20  Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A): Dancing Longer/Dancing Stronger: Health

           Interventions &Alternative Therapies to Maximize a Dancer's Career

12:40  Ms.Suchitra Date (India): Nritya for Body and Soul  Doc.  image 1  image 2  image 3

13:00  Ms.Martha Raquel Herrera Munoz (Colombia): Despertar al Sonido con la Danza

           Terapeutica y cambios en la consciencia del espacio. Experiencia con la musica en

           vivo en la Danzaterapia con pacientes psiquiatricos

13:20  Mr. Dr. Bernhard Weiser (Austria): The Therapeutical Effectiveness Of Dancing:

           Dancing AsA Link To A Prenatal Primordial Imago

14:00  Ms. Rena Konstantaki (Greece): Intersections - the psychology of the dancing body a

           systemic approach

14:20  Ms. Miren Saralegi (Spain) & Ms.Belen Capape Abos (Spain): Danza integral,

           creativa, consciente y vital. Una mirada hacia un nuevo paradigma. Integral, creative,

           conscous and vital dance. A look towards a new paradigm.


18:20  Ms.Maria Bougiesi (Greece): Differences in Εmotional Intelligence between

           participants in  Greek folk dance and participants in other forms of exercise

19:00  Mr. Dr.Ricardo Yunis (Lebanon): Tell me what you work, I'll tell you what to eat

19:20  Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France): Ancient Greek danceas therapy

19:40  Ms. Anna Lazou (Greece): The Dance of Dionysus: Nietzsche as the precursor of

           contemporary aestheticotherapeutic uses of Dance

20:00  Ms. Keyla Ferrari Lopes (Brazil): The Benefits of Dance between Mothers and

           Disabled Children

20:20  Ms.Kingshill Ceu M. (U.S.A.): Theology The position of and approaches to dance in

           world religions.God Moving In MySoul-A Healing/Restoration Process

20:40  Ms. Dr. Orit Sonia Waisman (Israel): Mismatches between word and gesture – a gate

           to the unknown



DANCE HALL                   Royal Olympic Hotel

09:30  Ms. Belen Capape Abos (Spain): La relacion del cuerpo en el espacio  

10:00  Ms. Maria Sangiorgi (Australia): Spiralling and radiating from the navel 

10:30  Ms. Adrienne Nicolaidou (Greece): The art of phisical therapy meets the art of dance

11:00  Ms. Ruth Pardess (Israel): Ritual Movements and Ethnic  Dances in Transference

           Ceremonies  as a therapeutic Tool

11:30  Ms. Tatiana Papouli (Greece): Dance therapy and modern dance

12:00  Ms.Murielle Sauzot (France): In contact with the air

12:30  Ms. Ozlem Lale Kaleli (Turkey): Authentic Movement

18:00  Ms. Suchitra Date (India): Nritya for Body and Soul

18:30  Ms. Miren Saralegi (Spain): Consciencia corporal y apoyos

19:00  Ms. Susanna Hirsch (Italy): Expressive-Relational Dance Movement interactions

19:30  Ms. Vittoria La Costa (Italy): Dancing Laban Dimensional Scale

20:00  Ms. Sara Toscano (Portugal): Shimmy your Stress away.How Belly Dance can reduce

            tension, stress and pain




EXHIBITION HALL                               Royal Olympic Hotel


Ms. Mona D’Amours (Canada)

Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Ms. Adrienne Nicolaidou (Greece)

Ms. Kaliopi Varoudaki (Greece)

Ms. Suchitra Date (India)

Ms. Marika Bongallino (Italy)



INFORMAL DINNER                             Restaurant in Plaka




                      FRIDAY  23  NOVEMBER  2012



LECTURE HALL  Royal Olympic Hotel


Chair:  Ms. Prof. Dr. Vassiliki Karkou (U.K), Ms. Dr. Alba G. A. Naccari (Italy), Ms. Dr.

           Hilda Wengrower (Israel), Ms. Karen Smith (U.S.A.), Ms. Prof. Dr. Chrysoula Tsiou



09:30  Ms. Anastasia Anastasopoulou (Greece): Aromatherapyfor dancers.

10:00  Ms. Prof. Helen Payne (U.K.): The Bodymind approach – TBMA –  for patients with

           MUS – Embedding research outcomes into primary care             video

10:20  Ms. Federica Sestu (Spain): Dance-therapy for Peace

10:40  Ms. Dr. Indira Bali (India): A  review of therapeutic aspects prevailing in Indian

           classical dances

11:00  Ms. Vittoria La Costa (Italy): Shaping the change: the process of Dance Movement

          Therapy  as a tool for social inclusion

11:20  Ms. Rajasi Wagh (India): An Indian Classical Dance Form with a complete

           Experimental Science

11:40  Ms. Marigoula Kritsioti (Greece): When dance speaks and when dancers speak of

           dance - Language and meta-language of dance - Self awareness steps

12:00  Ms. Marina Shekhovtsova (Ukraine): Dance and Travel - Dance and Travel –

            International Dance Community -social project of Ukrainian Dance Federation - social

            project of Ukrainian Dance Federation

12:20  Ms. Susanna Hirsch (Italy): Dance Movement Dialogue in Expressive-Relational

           Dance Movement Therapy with main focus on the prevention of Internet Addiction      

           Disorders and the abuse of virtual communication

12:40  Mr. Ioannis Zarotis (Greece): Concerns of a dancer: a psychological perspective.

13:00  Ms. Sara Toscano (Portugal): Arts Education for a Curriculum of Excellence for

           children in primary school. UNESCO Club for Arts Education (PortugalDoc.    Video

13:20   Ms. Ariadne-Daphne Stergiopoulou (Greece): Teaching dance to people with

           intellectual disability

13:40   Ms. Liliane Viegas (Portugal): Dance Movement Therapy and Non Verbal Language

           with psychiatrist adult patients   Doc.

14:00  Ms. Dr. Alba G.A.Naccari (Italy): Dance symbols for holistic education -

          Dance symbols for holistic education. For an intercultural approach to knowledge.

            book cover                    book introduction

14:20  Ms. Sophia Eleftheriou-Gari (Greece): Historical study of dance of Central Asia Minor

14:40  Ms. Mona D’Amours (Canada): Dance is Therapy for Life



18:00  Ms.Katerina Stavrou (Greece): Primitive Expression  and Greek traditional dance  Greek version

18:20  Ms.Maria Karapanagioti (Greece): Dance therapy with primitive expression in the

           elderly suffering from dementia

18:40  Ms.Maria Cecilia Govela Elizondo (Mexico): GestalT  Therapy , Dance Theater

           techniques applied to the human kind development to achieve more productive human

           beings for the Planet History in this life time.  Article

19:00  Ms.Christina Klissiouni (Greece): The therapeutical aspect of Contact Improvisation

           in Body Psychotherapy.

19:20  Ms.Morri Lynn Buchanan (Canada): Dance is!

19:40  Ms.Marta Cucchiani (Italy) & Ms. Daniela De Bartolo (Italy) & Ms. StefaniaGuatto

          (Italy): Body, dance and art - dancetherapy and art therapy in various contexts

20:20  Ms. Elena Lopez Nieto (Spain):  Proyecto Lova – La opera como vehiculo de

           aprendizaje. Opera as a vehicule of learn

20:40   Ms. Defne Erdur (Turkey) & Çimen Güldöker (Turkey): From Dance

           Therapy Research to Elim Sende Association - Out reach for Disadvantaged Youth in





Ms. SeciliaBasilika (Indonesia): Lady snake – Original fusion dance performance

Ms.Vittoria La Costa (Italy): The Company of My Own Size   Photos

Ms. Kalliopi Varoudaki (Greece): Excerpts from performances of Piraeus Section CID.

Ms. MariaCecilia Govela Elizondo (Mexico): How Performances are like when directing and leading the piece in Scene with the Methodology and Multidiscipline used for improving health , well being and better relationship with our selves and the rest of the Planet trough Dance Therapy.

Ms. Keka Majumdar (India):

Ms. Dr. Saraswathi Rajathesh (India)

Ms. Anna Dego (Italy)

Ms. Elena Lopez Nieto (Spain):  Proyecto Lova – La opera como vehiculo de aprendizaje. Opera as a vehicule of learn

Ms. Dr.Antonella Adorisio (Italy): Mysterium - A poetic Prayer - Testimonials on body/spirit coniunctio.


DANCE HALL Royal Olympic Hotel

09:30  Mr. Stelios Monachas (Greece): Barefoot  Tango. -The  first  contact  I

10:00  Mr. Stelios Monachas (Greece): Barefoot  Tango -Mindless   flowing   II

10:30  Ms. Prof. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A): Pilates: Prevention & Rehabilitation Therapy - a

           movement session

11:00  Ms.Azadeh Sheykholya (Mexico).   Doc.

11:30  Ms.Mareli Schroeter (Germany): Ladies solo dance - Motion with an E

12:00  Ms. Dr.Meirav Tal-Margalit (Israel): STREAM approach (Somatic Therapies,

           Resilience Enhancement, Awareness & Movement) to DMT- from Stress and Trauma

           to Resiliency and Growth

12:30  Ms. Ruth Pardess (Israel): Ritual Movements and Ethnic  Dances in Transference

           Ceremonies  as a therapeutic Tool        Manuscript     picture1  picture2  picture3  picture 4  picture5


13:00  Ms. Alexia Margariti (Greece): Dancetherapy-Primitive Expression For  Well-Being

13:30  Ms. Seda Guney (Turkey): Inclusive Dance & Dance and Movement Therapy

            within Community

14:00  Ms.Secilia Basilika (Indonesia): Communication through movement

14:30  Mr. Dr. Vasilis Lantzos (Greece): Greek traditional dances of the region of Mesimvria,   

           Eastern Romilia (Northern Thrace)



18:00  Ms. Anna Dego (Italy): The peril of the soul. Trip around the Tarantella - encounter  

           with the dark side of ourselves.

18:30  Mr. Angelo Dello Iacono (Switzerland) & Ms. Marion Dil (Switzerland): Le point

           Zéro: Shamanism through Contemporary Dance

19:00  Mr. Dr. Richard Coaten (U.K.): Moving to Longevity - revisioning the care of people

           living with dementia using Dance Movement Psychotherapy

19:30  Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France): The tree of life.   Article  



EXHIBITION HALL                               Royal Olympic Hotel


Ms. Mona D’Amours (Canada)

Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Ms. Kaliopi Varoudaki (Greece)

Ms. Suchitra Date (India)

Ms. Marika Bongallino (Italy)

Ms. Dr. Indira Bali (India)


INFORMAL DINNER                             Restaurant in Plaka





                   SATURDAY  24  NOVEMBER  2012



LECTURE HALL Royal Olympic Hotel

Chair: Ms. Dr. Meirav Tal-Margalit (Israel), Mr. Dr. Vasilis Lantzos (Greece), Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen Smith (U.S.A.), Ms. Prof. Dr. Chrysoula Tsiou (Greece)


09:30  Ms. MarinaBarrientos Báez (Spain) & Ms. Maria Sanchez Izquierdo (Spain): Eutonía   

           - Recurso en la Danzaterapia

10:00  Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France): From the dance therapy to the dance being towards

            a renewal of sacred dance   Video (en)

10:20  Ms. Angelina Sonikian Skaraki (Greece): The pedagogical dimension of dance

           education. The role and the contribution of dance teacher educator

10:40  Ms. Margarita Mendez (Venezuela): Movement in psychotherapy as a Bridge to the

           Unconscious, the jungian approach

11:00  Ms. Sophie Menissier (France): Dance Therapy, a tool for the integration of Roma  


11:20  Ms. Dr. Meirav Tal-Margalit (Israel): Stream – a new approach to Dance /Movement

          Therapy- From Stress and Trauma toResiliency and Growth

11:40  Ms. Dr. Hilda Wengrower (Israel): Dance composition and performing as a way of

           processing the learning of Dance Movement Therapy

12:00  Ms. Despina Graneta (Greece)&Ms. Amanda Kougioufa (Greece)& Ms. Natasa Smyrli

          (Greece): Dance Movement Therapy: mapping the journey of body,

           movement & therapy in Greece & Europe. A review by GADT

12:20  Ms. Erasmia Perdiou (Greece): A journey beyond substances

12:40  Ms. Dr. Orit Sonia Waisman (Israel): Mismatches between word and gesture – a gate

            to the unknown

13:00  Ms. Olga Konova (Russia): Development of harmonious child's personality by the use

           of art

13:20  Ms. Ozlem Lale Kaleli (Turkey): Research when and why: Overview to Research

           Methods in Dance Movement Therapy

13:40  Ms. Prof. Sabine Koch (Germany): Directions of DMT in the 21stcentury (Absentee)

14:00  Ms. Efthimia Panagiotopoulou (Greece): Dance identity in a dance therapy session.

           My personal experience

14:20  Mr. Dr. Vasilis Lantzos (Greece): Dance events and healing inAnastenaria worship

14:40  Ms. Lorena Zúñiga Andurand (Chile): Danzaterapia. Personas con discapacidad visual 

           un viaje interior cuya estacion es su coraje.



18:00  Ms.Marika Bongallino (Italy): Danza Terapeutica per la Riabilitazione Psichiatrica-

           osservazione sperimentale al Centro Diurno

18:20  Ms.Maria Sangiorgi (Australia): SensingFeelingDancing the Chakra - Dance

           movement exploration 

18:40  Mr.Sotiris Bekakos (Greece): Language and dance in the Eleusinian mysteries  image1   image2

          Greek version       CV

19:00  Ms. Seda Guney (Turkey): Inclusive Dance & Dance and Movement Therapy

            within Community

19:20  Ms. Adrienne Nicolaidou (Greece): The art of phisical therapy meets the art of dance

19:40  Ms. Esther Vega Marcos (Spain): Case study - Dance Movement Therapy and

            Memory daily age-related in institutionalized elderly.

20:00   Ms. Prof. Dr. Marcia B. Leventhal (U.S.A.): Moving Towards Meaning: the Journey

            from Creating in Dance to a Healing Paradigm of Dance Movement Therapy.

20:20  Ms. Agnes Dru (Martinique): DTM Project part I

20:40  Mr. Pierre Dru (Martinique) : DTM Project, part II




DANCE HALL Royal Olympic Hotel  

10:00  Ms. Maria Cecilia Govela Elizondo (Mexico): Baila por el Planeta.Teatro Danza.

            Pedagoy, Artistic, Therapeutic.(Cleansing emotions)

10:30  Ms. Dr. Indira Bali (India):Sammi gypsy folk dance of PunjabIndia – Basic steps –

           Small choreography after the lesson

11:00  Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A): Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

           (PNF) - Practical Applications for Dance Therapy

11:30  Ms. Agnes Dru (Martinique) & Mr. Pierre Dru (Martinique): Tradinional Dance Folk

           of Martinique and Therapy.

12:00  Ms.Defne Erdur (Turkey): Hunting & Gathering – in the transitive place of the

           artist between life and art

12:30  Ms. Xanthenia Manta (Greece): hands forms...expression... expansion... evolution.

13:00  Ms. Eleni Hatzigeorgiou (Greece): The symbolic efficacy of myth in Dance Therapy

            through Primitive Expression

13:30  Ms. Andonia Katsika (Greece): Expression primitive - Therapeutic process for anxiety                     


14:00 Ms. Morri Lynn Buchanan (Canada): Through the Eyes of Autism

14:30 Ms. Katerina Stavrou (Greece): Primitive Expression  and Greek traditional dance



18:30  Ms. Sabine Rother (Germany): A demonstration of dance therapy with basic body

            work in a psychosomatic clinic in former East Germany

19:00  Ms. Liliane Viegas (Portugal): Danza Duende  and Communication

19:30  Ms. Mariam Prokou (Greece): Hands, Channel to Soul - Therapy meeting through  

           Oriental Dance

20:00  Ms. MariannaDrakopoulou (Greece): Dance Therapy: primary relation - adulthood,

            symbiosis – autonomy

20:30  Ms. Mona D’Amours (Canada): Flex – Pointe – Contract – Release – Breathe – Dance



EXHIBITION HALL                               Royal Olympic Hotel


Ms. Mona D’Amours (Canada)

Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Ms. Kaliopi Varoudaki (Greece)

Ms. Suchitra Date (India)

Ms. Marika Bongallino (Italy)

Ms. Maria Cecilia Govela Elizondo (Mexico)


INFORMAL DINNER                             Restaurant in Plaka







                                    SUNDAY  25  NOVEMBER  2012


FINAL SESSION       Dora Stratou office building, Plaka

09:30  Guided visit to the Dora Stratou Theater costumes collection

10:00  Informal meeting of conferees

12:00  Group photographs

14:00  Recovery of certificates of participation and check out



21:00  Dinner with live Greek music where conferees can dance





Guided visit to the exhibits showing dance at the National Archeological Museum

Guided visit to the Dora Stratou Theater costumes collection

Class on Greek dances at the Dora Stratou Theater





This program is subject to changes. The final program for each day will be posted at the entrance of each room.

please visit:


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