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Ways to help other than donating

Cafe Press

Amazon Smile

You can also donate part of every Amazon purchase to Athens Area Pagans. When you shop at AmazonSmile and you choose us as the charity, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Athens Area Pagans. Please consider bookmarking and help support Athens Area Pagans and Athens Pagan Pride Day.

Just want to donate?  

Click the PayPal button below

You don't need a PayPal account to donate this way.  You do need a credit card.  

You can specify where your money goes

AAP has several funds.  You can specify one or more of them.  If you specify more than one, please tell us which percent goes where.  There will be a space on the donation page for doing this.
  • GF:  The General Fund, a central pool that can be applied to all activities.  This is the default unless you specify otherwise.
  • APPD:  Athens Pagan Pride Day fund.  You can also donate to that fund from the APPD site.
  • CA:  The Community Assistance fund.  We have no mechanisms in place yet for deciding who gets assistance (and many of us need it...), but the fund is accepting donations.  If you would like to lead a committee for the CA, please join up, become a member, and do it!
  • IC:  The Intentional Community fund.  To learn more see this document.
Fund specification examples:  
  • If you want your donation to go for the Intentional Community, enter "IC" in the box.  
  • If you want half to go to the GF and half to go to the CA, enter "GF 50%, CAl 50%".