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Spring Gathering 2014

As you might know, Athens Area Pagans hosts Athens Pagan Pride Day.  It's a lovely event that we look forward to each year, but it's more of an outreach event and less of an event specifically for Pagans.  So, this year we would like to introduce an event by and for local Pagans:  the Spring Gathering.

Day:   Saturday, 3 May, 2014.
Time:  3 - 7 pm
Location:  UUFA (look for a pyramid on the roof; parking is off the side-street)
Admission:  Free and open to the general public
More info:

The local Unitarian Fellowship has graciously allowed us to hold the even in their spaces.  This event occurs rain or shine!  Please consider making a generous donation to the UUFA for kindly hosting!

Some local groups and vendors will be represented there.  See below if you would like to be one of them.

The Spring Gathering warmly welcomes Pagans and Pagan groups of all Paths.  Non-Pagan persons who are curious or Pagan-friendly are also very welcome.

Schedule of Events:

Schedule subject to change, but probably not.

 3:00  Opening Drum Circle
 3:30  Kids' activity:  Crafty Kids Art Time
   Presentation:  On Living a Good Life: how to have a morality when the Gods don't tell you what to do
 4:00  Maypole 
 4:30  Kids' activity:  Story Time 
   Presentation:  Energy Healing
 5:00  Ritual
   Pot-luck dinner immediately following the ritual (see below for info)
   Dinner entertainment:  Belly-dancing! 
  After the entertainment:  Introductions from local groups, vendors, etc.

We want representation from as many local Pagans and Pagan groups as possible!  For this reason, all tables for groups, vendors, or anyone else, are FREE!  Please email for more information.

Please check back here for information!

See also the Facebook Event!

Pot-Luck Dinner Info

The UUFA has a large, industrial-style kitchen, but, of course, prepare as much as possible ahead of time.  We should be able to keep things warm/cold and accommodate minor prep/finish.  Plates, cold-beverage cups, cutlery and napkins will be provided.  Please provide an ingredients list for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies.  If you are bringing cold beverages, please consider bringing ice.  If you are bringing hot beverages, please consider bringing hot-beverage cups.  We also recommend you bring whatever serving utensils are necessary for your dish.  Thank you!

For those who like to get an idea what folks are bringing ahead of time should check out the discussion on the Facebook event page.

Information for Groups, Vendors and Others Wanting to Table

We welcome anyone wishing to set up a table at this event.  Vendors, local groups, etc., are all welcome.  Tables are free, but do consider a donation to the UUFA.  If you want to table there, please show up by 1:30.  There are a few tables there, but you are encouraged to bring your own.  Please contact for more information.  Thanks!