Local Resources

Area Businesses

These are local businesses who provide goods or services of interest to the Pagan community in Athens GA. Businesses, service providers or professionals who wish to be listed here as being Pagan Friendly should contact AAP.

Body, Mind and Spirit Ministries. Athens' only full-service metaphysical shop, offering a wide range of self-improvement and spiritual classes and workshops as well as incense, supplies, clothing, and more.

Tools for the Soul, Candles & More. Spiritual and religious supplies bridging the gap between you and your spiritual connection. Building 4, J&J Flea Market. 706-363-7920 or dasmith_1@msn.com

Area Groups

These groups represent area Pagan, Pagan-friendly, and general interest organizations. Please note that AAP does not screen these groups in any way. If you would like your organization listed, please complete the form with your name and contact information. All requests will be posted without prejudice, but will be reviewed periodically for improper behavior, such as harassment of other organizations. If you are looking for a group, exercise the same caution here that you would anywhere else. This list is meant only as a community resource.

Atlanta Reiki Circle - We are Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters with a broad range of training, abilities, and backgrounds in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our Reiki circles are fun, informative, healing, sharing and exchanging with others of like mind. Each person usually receives Reiki for 15 to 30 minutes depending on one on one or several people working together. Our Reiki circle meets once a month starting around 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. for about 2 hours to share information, to exchange Reiki with each other and on occasion send Reiki out to someone, something or group in need.

Avalon Isle Foundation - The Avalon Isle Foundation is a non-profit organization, that administers the activities of The Order Of The Royal Oak, a legally chartered Wiccan Church. The Foundation also runs Avalon Isle, a spiritual nature retreat nestled in the Tennessee Highlands, between Cosby and Gatlinburg, TN. Here, you can refurbish your soul in quiet splendor, advance you spiritual education or go on a vision quest.

Blue Lotus Grove - Our particular Grove is, at its heart and core, spirituality. Within a broad polytheistic framework, our primary devotion is given to the Mother Earth and her sciences. Drawing our power and inspiration from Nature and offering our personal creativity in service to the Gods, the people, and the Earth. Blue Lotus Grove believes that everyone has the capacity to become divine. As such, we are a coven dedicated to the development and support of its members and operates on a shared paradigm of science and devotion.

International School of Shamanism - The International School of Shamanism™ is directed by three Anointed Shamans: Tom Lake, Founder of the School, Lisa Lake and Angela Prince. Collectively, with the support of Shaman Apprentices around the world, the School's goal is empowering people through unconditional love and acceptance, helping people realize their innate gifts and talents, see God's love without limitations, and through healing become all they can be thus...

North Georgia Solitaries - Our mission is to provide a place that is open to solitaries of all traditions to learn and celebrate together. We provide this place in an open environment that lifts the veil of secrecy for those in our lives that are not Pagan and allows them to see what we are about in hopes of removing the ignorance that breeds fear so that one day we may all practice as openly as others are allowed to practice their faith.

UGA Pagan Student Association - The Pagan Student Association’s primary focus is community, advocacy, and education. Offering a non-threatening environment within our meetings where beliefs can be discussed openly, we strive to build a strong community on campus and throughout the world where pagans and non-pagans can learn, network, and have fun. We discourage discrimination and defamation against spiritually minded people for their beliefs, and work against it primarily through education of those who want to learn. We also promote religious rights, peace, and social justice through advocacy.